Call centre outsourcer Mindpearl launches fifth base in Malaysia 1

Call centre outsourcer Mindpearl launches fifth base in Malaysia

Mindpearl, one of the aviation industry’s leading customer support providers opened their fifth office in Shah Alam as a commitment to their continued expansion in the Asian region. If you call American Airlines, Delta, Singapore Airlines or a host other of top-tier companies, odds are good that it’s a trained Mindpearl operator who is taking your call at one of their five facilities across the world to help resolve your customer service issues. The Malaysia office joins Mindpearl’s other facilities in Australia, Spain, South Africa and Fiji. Of note is that the Malaysia office is able to cater to multiple languages used in the Southeast Asia region including English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog and Khmer.


The establishment of the Malaysia office is also another significant milestone for Mindpearl as they were also awarded Malaysia Airlines’ global contact centre contract. This means that Mindpearl will assist and service MAS customer service callers globally at the Malaysia facility as well as from Fiji. Prior to this, MAS operated their customer support centres from several different locations. By consolidating their operations with Mindpearl, MAS is able to standardise and enhance their customer service experience while enhancing operational efficiency which is a win-win for everyone. For more about Mindpearl swing by their official site here.