Usher in the Year of the Rabbit at the Carlsberg Prosperity Burrow

Carlsberg Prosperity Burrow Carlsberg CNY’23 Launch & Dinner-239

The Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner and on top of issuing special limited edition collectibles by artist Feifei Ruan, Carlsberg is also kicking things off in style with a special Carlsberg Prosperity Burrow showcase at both level 3 at Pavilion Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur until 17th January 2023 and at Sunway…

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Carlsberg Brewing Prosperity Together campaign features limited artist edition cans and collectibles by Feifei Ruan

Carlsberg Brewing Prosperity Together cans 1

Ruan in their ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ campaign which will see special collectibles for customers to win and a series of limited-edition series packaging for Carlsberg cans done by Feifei. What is the Carlsberg Brewing Prosperity Together campaign The Carlsberg Brewing Prosperity Together limited edition artwork covers both cans and bottles of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and…

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Mercedes Christmas in a Shoebox campaign fetes 150 underprivileged children for the holidays

Mercedes Christmas in a Shoebox santa

Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s most renowned luxury car brands, feted 150 under-privileged children  from three shelter homes as part of their annual Christmas in a Shoebox social initiative which is now in its 12th year in Malaysia. What is the Mercedes Christmas in a Shoebox campaign  The three shelter homes which consists of Rumah…

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Tiger Cheers to Bold Beginnings promotion for 2023 offers fun games, prizes and more

Tiger Cheers to Bold Beginnings tiger goodies 1

2023 is scarcely a week away and Tiger Beer is kicking off their ‘Cheers to Bold Beginnings’ campaign ahead of Chinese New Year that offers special limited edition premiums when you purchase selected beverages along with fun activities at locations across Malaysia. What is the Tiger Cheers to Bold Beginnings promotion about? To ring in…

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Fashion designers at HUNG Innovation Awards 2022 unveil couture inspired by Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4

HUNG Innovation Awards 2022 a1a

The sleek foldable design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 foldable phones make for eye-catching conversation pieces but a team of fashion designers have taken it to the next level at the HUNG Innovation Awards 2022. What are the HUNG Innovation Awards 2022 The prestigious HUNG Innovation Awards 2022 fashion show saw 10…

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Chic Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange, Ice Blue Steel and Black Steel now in Malaysia from RM29,500

bell ross br-x5 carbon orange timepieces

Time is an ephemeral thing that lends structure and a sense of progression through our lives. Only a proper timepiece is able to take the full measure of it by acting as a reliable touchstone as we navigate the tides of fate and fortune which is what the new Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange…

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New Dyson Supersonic and Airwrap Vinca Blue and Rosé limited edition colourways look seriously classy

Airwrap Vinca Blue and Rosé

Unveiled at their recent consumer showcase at 1Utama mall, the new Dyson Supersonic and Airwrap Vinca Blue and Rosé combined their best-selling haircare offerings with a stylishly posh new colourway. What is the new Dyson Supersonic and Airwrap Vinca Blue and Rosé The new Vinca Blue and Rosé colourways integrates a precision-applied satin paint topcoat…

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Get up to 40% trade-in value off the new Samsonite Magnum ECO, ENOW and VARRO series luggage with this awesome trick

samsonite magnum eco cover

Samsonite luggage is typically built tough and I’ve had a Samsonite backpack that has been around for over a decade and still rocking which makes acquiring their gear a real investment especially for heavy travellers. Now, Samsonite is kicking off their Samsonite Luggage Trade-in Campaign that gets you up to 40% in trade-in value towards…

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Beam Drive Something New Today campaign takes mobility to new heights

Beam Drive Something New Today cover

First and Last mile mobility has always been something of a pain in Malaysia with the blazing hot weather that makes shuffling along on foot a challenge but e-scooter service Beam aims to share how their offerings can help bridge that elusive gap in their new Beam Drive Something New Today campaign. In a private…

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Experience the luxurious sweetness of Comvita UMF Manuka Honey at the new flagship Malaysia store

Comvita UMF Manuka Honey launch com 3

As any honey aficionado would know, there’s ‘honey’ and there’s the good stuff – honest to goodness Manuka honey that is worth its weight in gold but finding authentic Manuka honey is like finding a needle in a haystack. Until now that is as Comvita, New Zealand’s most renowned Manuka honey producer has finally opened…

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