Samsung Galaxy S23 series sustainability efforts taken to new heights

Samsung Galaxy S23 series sustainability

Samsung is putting money where their mouth is as their new Galaxy S23 series sustainability efforts are taken to impressive new heights. At the recent Galaxy Experience 2023 event in Singapore, Sung-Ho Cho, Principal Engineer at Advanced Color Material Finishing (CMF) Lab, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics shared that the new Galaxy S23 series sustainability…

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New Asus ExpertBook B9 OLED at CES 2023 is tougher and lighter than ever before

Asus ExpertBook B9 OLED bb

A few years back, Asus decided to throw their hat into the enterprise ring with a cutting edge new line-up of ExpertBook business laptops and desktops. Their first generation ExpertBook B9 B9450 took the corporate world by storm with an ultralight chassis and premium performance for even the most demanding corporate suit. At CES 2023,…

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Country Director Victor Xu shares more about HUAWEI Malaysia’s bright path ahead

Victor Xu Jin Long, Country Director of HUAWEI Malaysia aa1

To say that HUAWEI has undergone trials and tribulations in the last few years would be an understatement. Even with the ongoing challenges of late, they’ve managed to launch not one, but two flagship series phones in the form of the P50 series and, recently, the Mate50 series flagship phones in Malaysia but what’s next…

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Razer Restorify is a traceable carbon neutral checkout solution for a greener planet

razer restorify logo 1

When people purchase products be it a keyboard or even a tub of popcorn, most people don’t give a thought as to the potential environmental cost over time but Razer has been looking to change that with their Razer Restorify service that has just rolled out on their store. What is Razer Restorify In…

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Shopee reveals future of E-commerce with Malaysian influencers

Shopee reveals future of E-commerce with Malaysian influencers 1

Scroll your way through any social media or shopping platform and you’ll likely encounter an influencer attempting to sway your mind with a livestream and odds are you’ll be persuaded to stay and buy something. To make sense of this shopping zeitgeist, Shopee has just hosted an online forum with key influencers as well as…

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New Jabra PanaCast 50 Room System takes hybrid meetings to new heights

jabra panacast 50 room system cover

Hybrid meetings with remote working colleagues and those who are onsite in the office are part and parcel of the new normal but ensuring everyone is on the same page in video and especially sound quality is a different kettle of fish altogether which is where Jabra and Lenovo’s latest collaboration comes into the picture.…

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Synology 2023 Online reveals powerful DSM 7.2 update, new AI-powered cameras and more

Synology 2023 Online Synology_2023

The recent Synology 2023 Online press conference saw the brand revealing a host of IT solutions across their entire portfolio of storage, cloud and security solutions that include the new Synology 500 series IP cameras, the DSM 7.2 update and more. What was announced at Synology 2023 Online Slated for arrival in early 2023, the…

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Cyberattacks on ICT supply chains on the rise; cyber resiliency initiatives needed says Kaspersky

kaspersky cyber resiliency

According to cybersecurity provider Kaspersky, cyberattacks on information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains are on the rise with the potential to cause massive damage to governments, companies and people at large.  One potentially successful attack doesn’t just end there as malicious actors can potentially use that one backdoor to penetrate other connected systems and…

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There’s value in e-waste says Christopher Quirk from Dell Technologies

ewaste value Christopher Quirk, SVP of Professional Consulting and Managed Services

Look around you and odds are you’ll encounter a ton of obsolete or useless electronics that are simply lying fallow around your home – that old phone that gave up the ghost last Christmas, that old video player when VCR was a thing, old fitness bands where the strap broke and you never got around…

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Dell Technologies expands cybersecurity services portfolio with US DoD approved Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies has carved a solid reputation for itself over the years when it comes to offering cutting-edge computing solutions like their XPS series ultraportables as well as their storage and cloud solutions. Now, they’re expanding their presence in cybersecurity as they’ve established a secure data centre to validate Zero Trust use cases at the…

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