Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation front

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX series CPUs now in Malaysia; prices start from RM16,429

Lenovo Malaysia has just launched their new Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation built to tackle challenging workloads with AI. Alongside the new ThinkStation P8 workstation, Lenovo also revealed a range of their latest laptops and other offerings.

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation launch

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Specifications and Price

The Lenovo ThinkStation P8 is armed for bear to tackle the most demanding tasks like AR/VR content creation, AI model development and more. The front hosts a series of hex-shaped openings for unobstructed airflow while the chassis is inspired by Aston Martin’s iconic DBS Grand Tourer front grill. On the inside, the workstation has Lenovo’s Tri-Channel cooling system that vents hot air exhaust out the bottom and which shunts cold air in to keep hardware cool.

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation specs

Shoehorned within the massive workstation is up to an AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7995WX CPU with 96 cores and 192 threads with a base 2.5GHz and boost clock speed of 5.1GHz as well as up to a 350W TDP paired with up to three NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs depending on how deep your pockets go. 

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation side

The roomy chassis also lets you cram in up to 2TB of DDR5 memory, space for up to 7 M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSDs with RAID support or three hard disks  and power the whole affair with up to a 1,400W power supply unit. This amount of pixel crunching power is intended for the most demanding tasks like AR/VR content editing and creation, AI model development and more. 

Of particular interest to enterprise outfits is that the Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation has ISV certifications for optimised application performance in multiple industry workflows ranging from the usual Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to machine learning applications like TensorFlow, Foundry, Lumion and more. 

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation certification

Needless to say, the Lenovo Workstation ThinkStation P8 workstation doesn’t come cheap and prices start from RM16,429 depending on configuration. For more details on the new workstation and their other offerings, check out Lenovo’s official site here.