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Synology Solution Day 2023 in Malaysia showcases innovative data management solutions

With the sheer amount of data that everyone and especially organisations generates weekly if not daily, be it paperwork, databases or photos and video content, it’s clear that there needs to be a way to store it in a safe, effective and private fashion which is where storage solution provider Synology comes into the picture. 

Synology Solution Day 2023 highlights

The brand recently held a Synology Solution Day 2023 in Malaysia where they shared their latest data management solutions that encompass data backup, storage and solutions ranging from personal NAS options, security cameras and more all the way to full on large-scale monitoring and private cloud solutions. Most savvy tech users will likely have heard of their compact Synology BeeDrive, their DSM 7.0 storage management solution and range of NAS drives.

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One of the key issues highlighted at the event was that reliable storage back-ups are imperative for business continuity for any enterprise and that it doesn’t have to cost a bomb with Synology sharing agile private and hybrid cloud data management solutions for any business ranging from solo outfits to SMEs and even for individuals too.

Synology Solution Day 2023 productivity solutions

At Synology Solution Day 2023, Jason Sin, Malaysia Sales Manager for Synology said “As we continue to expand our offerings, we welcomed interested IT and partners to our event to experience first-hand why our solutions are disrupting cost and maintenance tradeoffs demanded by traditional solutions.”  For more on Synology, check out their official page at

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