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Synology 2023 Online reveals powerful DSM 7.2 update, new AI-powered cameras and more

The recent Synology 2023 Online press conference saw the brand revealing a host of IT solutions across their entire portfolio of storage, cloud and security solutions that include the new Synology 500 series IP cameras, the DSM 7.2 update and more.

What was announced at Synology 2023 Online

Slated for arrival in early 2023, the new Diskstation Manager 7.2 aka DSM 7.2 is their latest update for their DSM operating system for their NAS solutions with a host of improvements that include full-volume encryption with commensurate improvements in storage performance versus shared folder-based encryption by 48%, the introduction of ‘write once, read many’ (WORM) folders that are tamper proof for a set period of time with their resiliency against modification helping to protect data from ransomware and cyberthreats.

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Additional features to DSM 7.2 include cross-protocol file locking between SMB file shares and Synology Drive, their private cloud solution, to ensure that files that are in-use are not overwritten or edited. File transfer performance has also been juiced up with the addition of SMB multichannel transfer support that utilises all network connections available between a server and a client during file transfers. 

At Synology 2023 Online, the brand also revealed updates to their Synology Drive that will help keep files safer when collaborating between different parties with the addition of watermarks, download policies and the option of a remote wipe option for synced folders should a device be compromised.

Synology also revealed that they will be deploying new scale-out systems with the first generation supporting clusters of up to 60 servers with more than 12PB of storage, over 60GB/s sequential write performance and over 80,000 concurrent connections while ensuring 99.99% availability with integrated support for Synology Hyper Backup and Active Backup data protection solutions.

Synology 2023 Online Data Protection

Another new addition is the Synology Active Backup and 2 Backup for seamless management and monitoring of backup tasks across the IT infrastructure of an organisation to ensure IT administrators can protect and recover devices or services within an organisation in an efficient manner.

Synology has also updated their Synology C2 Identity platform with enhancements to passwordless logins via integration with Windows Hello and Apple Face ID/Touch ID to make logins more seamless. Additional upgrades include the option for 2FA authentication for more secure logins along with automatic sign-ins to web services supporting SAML with the aforementioned 2FA added for additional security.

Another interesting product revealed at Synology Online 2023 was a new series of Synology 500 Series IP cameras that can be managed directly from the Surveillance Station with Edge AI capabilities supporting intrusion detection zones while also featuring dedicated processing for people and vehicle searches.

The Synology 500 series IP cameras feature 5MP sensors with 3K@30fps video recording in 16:9 aspect ratio and also have PoE support, are weather proof, are US NDAA/TAA compliant and come in two different form factors. At present, Synology didn’t mention price or launch dates nor availability but we’ll keep you posted.

Synology 2023 Online Synology_Camera

Another interesting hardware addition is a new Synology WRX560 WiFi 6 router based on the SRM 1.3 platform that blends high-end network management features from the RTX6600ax into a more affordable price point with dual-band radios, a 2.5GBe LAN/WAN port and the option to be added as a mesh node for an existing RT6600ax router or as a standalone router. The WRX560 is slated for launch priced st US$209 on 2nd November 2022 at selected locations globally.

Synology 2023 Online WRX560

You can also check out the original Synology 2023 Online keynote live stream here.