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Tiny Synology BeeDrive helps safely store up to massive 2TB of memories on the go

If you’re like the rest of us, you can never have enough storage and knowing Murphy’s Law, you’ll need that offline back-up the most when you think you need it the least which is where the Synology BeeDrive comes into the picture.

What is the Synology BeeDrive

This compact, squarish data hub from Synology is about the size of a chunky Zippo lighter and can be set up in less than 3 minutes to enable users to rapidly back up personal files, photos and whatnot from a PC, phone or tablet. Seeing as it’s an offline, physical back-up, it does have some tangible benefits over storing it in the cloud especially with highly secure data and needs far less time to upload seeing as it’s only reliant on your USB-C drive transfer speeds.

When connected to the target device and once properly configured, the Synology BeeDrive will then back up all changes to a selected range of predefined folders on the device in real time. If you change a file on your device, it’ll be reflected on the BeeDrive the next time you hook it up. 

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The Synology BeeDrive is available in 1TB and 2TB sizes from mid-June onwards through Synology partners and resellers though it’s only currently available for WIndows, iOS and Android with macOS support slated later on down the line. In terms of pricing, the 1TB version retails for US$120 (about RM554) while the 2TB version costs US$200 (about RM923). For more details please visit