Acer CS272 Smart Monitor and TravelMate 2024 series launch

Acer CS272 Smart Monitor, new TravelMate laptops and more launched in Malaysia

Acer has expanded their line-up of business laptops and monitors with the launch of their new Acer CS272 Smart Monitor as well as refreshed incarnations of their TravelMate range of laptops that include the new TravelMate P6 14, TravelMate P4 14, TravelMate P4 Spin 14 and TravelMate P2 14 which optimise portability, security and performance while adding in new AI functions for better productivity. 

The new Acer TravelMate range also features a host of AI enhancements as well. Featured on the new range of TravelMate laptops is Acer’s new TravelMate Sense application that acts as a hub for easy access to all their new AI features. Among the new AI features are the ability to create a Personal Secure Drive, the ability to disable USB devices in order to prevent mishaps with data, effective diagnostics on storage and battery usage with a new Checkup feature and more. 

Acer CS272 monitor and new TravelMate laptops Malaysia 2024

Here’s how much the new Acer TravelMate laptops and monitors cost and how they stack up on paper…

Acer TravelMate P6 14

Intended for corporate executives and captains of industry, the Acer TravelMate P6 14 weighs 1.2kg, has a 14-inch display in touch and non-touch capable variants, uses the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 165H CPU with up to 32GB LPD5X memory, a 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD and long-battery life with AI capabilities, enhanced security and an emphasis on reliability. The new range also sports fast WiFi7 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. Prices start from RM7,499 and up with a touch-capable version retailing for RM7,999.

Acer TravelMate P16 14 Malaysia 2024


Acer TravelMate P4 Spin 14 and TravelMate P4 14

Intended as light and portable options for high mobility deployments, the Acer TravelMate P4 Spin 14 and P4 Thin are essentially the same design with the former having a 360-degree touch-capable display and the latter coming with a traditional clamshell design. 

Acer TravelMate P4 14 2024

Acer Travelmate p4 14 price Malaysia

The range features up to Intel Core Ultra 7 CPUs, supports Intel Unison, has up to 64GB DDR5 RAM, up to a 1TB SSD and extended battery life.

Acer TravelMate P4 Spin 14 Cover

The Acer TravelMate Spin P4 14 convertible laptop with an Intel Core Ultra 7 155U CPU can be acquired for RM6,199 while the traditional Acer TravelMate P4 14 with a clamshell design with an Intel Core 5 120U CPU, 8GB DDR5 RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 14-inch 2.2K (2,240 x 1,400 pixels)  is available priced at RM4,799.

Acer TravelMate P2 14 and P2 16

Designed as a cost-effective option for en masse deployments, the Acer TravelMate P2 14 comes with a robust MIL-STD 810H chassis that can survive being handled by even the most ham-fisted executive and comes in a wide variety of configurations that include the latest Intel Core Ultra CPU depending on how deep your pockets go. Prices start from RM3,699 and up with the base model of the TravelMate P2 14 hosting an Intel Core 120U CPU, 8GB DDR5 RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 14-inch WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel display).

The higher end Acer TravelMate P2 16 has a larger 16-inch WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixels) resolution, 8GB DDR5 RAM, a 512GB SSD and an Intel Core 5 120U CPU for RM3,999.

Acer TravelMate P2 16 2024 launch


Acer CS272 Smart Monitor

Sporting a white finish, the Acer CS272 Smart Monitor has a 27-inch FHD (1,920 x 1080 pixels) IPS panel that utilises a ZeroFrame Design that lends it a clean, minimalist look. The monitor runs on WebOS, supports Apple AirPlay, Miracast and screen mirroring to enable users to wirelessly stream their phone, laptop or PC desktop rather than having to use a snakepit worth of cables. The monitor is priced at RM999 and is now available nationwide

Acer TravelMate CS272 Smart Monitor image

The new Acer CS272 and TravelMate laptops are now available nationwide.

For more on Acer CS272 as well as their revamped TravelMate series and to purchase them too, check out their official page at 

Acer CS272 monitor and new TravelMate laptops Malaysia 2024 group shot