Acer CS272 Smart Monitor, new TravelMate laptops and more launched in Malaysia

Acer CS272 Smart Monitor and TravelMate 2024 series launch

Acer has expanded their line-up of business laptops and monitors with the launch of their new Acer CS272 Smart Monitor as well as refreshed incarnations of their TravelMate range of laptops that include the new TravelMate P6 14, TravelMate P4 14, TravelMate P4 Spin 14 and TravelMate P2 14 which optimise portability, security and performance…

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Acer PM161QB review – Is This The Best Budget Portable Monitor Money Can Buy in Malaysia?

Acer PM161QB review cover

Mobile workers on the go typically have to resign themselves to working off just a laptop screen but portable displays like the new Acer PM161QB portable monitor offer a man-portable alternative that can still be stuffed into a backpack without exceeding the typical airline weight limits. We managed to bring it on a couple of…

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MSI reveals Stealth 18 Mercedes AMG Motorsport laptop and AI-enhanced line-up of new products at Computex 2024

Stealth 18 Mercedes AMG Motorsport cover

At Computex 2024, the world’s top tech brands vie for attention and to showcase their newest technologies and products for the coming months ahead. On a massive showroom floor that spans multiple football fields at the Nangang Exhibition Centre in Taipei, MSI displayed their technological prowess with a veritable cornucopia of new technologies and new…

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New MSI Pro MP252 E2 and MP271AP E2 monitors for business debut at Computex 2024

MSI Pro MP271AP E2 monitor at Computex 2024

Alongside a slew of new QD-OLED monitors, MSI has showcased two new monitors that are intended for both personal and enterprise deployments from their Pro series dubbed the MSI Pro MP252 E2 and the Pro MP271AP E2 monitors. Savvy readers will likely notice that these model numbers and designs are akin to the MSI Pro…

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New MSI QD-QLED displays and more launched at Computex 2024

MSI QD-QLED displays Computex 2024

At Computex 2024, MSI revealed a veritable cornucopia of products for both work and gaming duties alike including the world’s first Gaming AI display dubbed the MSI MPG 321URX QD-OLED monitor along with a host of QD-OLED panels in different sizes and with different feature sets. Here’s a quick recap of what makes them interesting…

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New 32-inch Samsung M8 and M7 monitors let you see more and do more; limited time launch offers from RM2,238

New 32-inch Samsung M8 and M7 monitors let you see more and do more; limited time launch offers from RM2,238 1

Having the right display can vastly increase your productivity especially if you are wont to work on things that require a large amount of screen real estate like spreadsheets or video editing though having a large display makes gaming and movie watching a treat. If you’re in the market for a new monitor, you’re in…

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Acer Nitro QG0 series Malaysia gaming monitors debut in Malaysia – 3 beefy models from RM379

acer nitro QG0 series

Acer Malaysia has just launched not one but three new Nitro QG0 series gaming monitors dubbed the Nitro QG270S3, the Nitro QG240YS3 and the Nitro QG240YH3 that aim to redefine affordable gaming visuals with prices that start from RM379. What are the new Acer Nitro QG0 series gaming monitors? The new Acer Nitro QG0 series…

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Acer Nitro VG240YE and VG270E feature 100Hz refresh rates and great prices from RM459

Acer Nitro VG240YE and VG270E cover

Acer is indubitably famous for their range of gaming and work laptops along with their range of high-end gaming monitors but they’re now looking to add to their more workhorse offerings with the addition of their new Nitro VG240YE and Nitro VG270E monitors that now come with DisplayPorts and 100Hz refresh rates at surprisingly modest…

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Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor gets your game on for RM739

Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor mon 2

If you’re looking for a straightforward gaming monitor with a high refresh rate for not a lot of money, you’ll appreciate what the charms that the new Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor has to offer for RM739. What is the Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor This 23.8-inch Full HD LCD display has a…

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Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo Review – Breathtakingly Beautiful Gaming Monitor Behemoth

Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo Review cover

Samsung is best known as being one of the world’s best smartphone manufacturers with bleeding edge phones like their latest Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4 taking the limelight. They’re also renowned as one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of TVs with their latest QLED 8Ks taking the centre stage.  Now, they’re gunning for gold…

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