New Acer Swift Go 14, Veriton desktops and PD163Q dual-screen foldable monitor launched in Malaysia

New Acer Swift Go 14, Veriton desktops and PD163Q dual-screen foldable monitor launched in Malaysia 1

Companies looking to upgrade their hardware pool will love what Acer has to offer as they have released their new Acer Swift Go 14 laptop, the Veriton S2702G and Veriton X2720G desktops, the Acer PD163Q dual-screen monitor and the X1528Ki projector in Malaysia. Acer Veriton S2720G and Veriton X2720G desktop specs and price The new…

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New Predator Helios Neo 14 AI and Nitro 16 gaming laptop with latest Intel Core Ultra CPUs makes global debut

predator helios neo 14 angled front

Acer has announced their latest addition to their Predator gaming series dubbed the Predator Helios Neo 14 that comes with the latest 14th Gen Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series laptop GPUs and a dedicated key to access Microsoft Copilot. Predator Helios Neo 14 Specifications and Price Designed as a more portable yet…

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New Acer Swift X 14 with Copilot and Intel Core Ultra CPUs debut at CES 2024

Acer SWift X 14 lifestyle 2

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is where the world’s largest and greatest tech brands showcase their latest offerings to the world and alongside their carbon-friendly Aspire Vero 16 and Acer Aspire Go series laptops, they’re also rolling out the sleek new Acer Swift X 14 laptop with specifications that make them ideal for content creators…

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Carbon-neutral Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptops with Intel Core Ultra debut at CES 2024

acer aspire vero 16 art

The carbon-neutral Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptops which were previewed several weeks earlier in Dubai have been officially launched at CES 2024 alongside the new Acer Aspire Go series budget laptops. Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptop highlights As the proverbial child of their sustainability efforts for products, the Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptop is their…

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Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptops that will debut at CES 2024 will be carbon neutral

Acer Aspire Vero 16 laptops that will debut at CES 2024 will be carbon neutral 2

Every laptop made generates a significant carbon footprint. From its creation to even its packaging, a laptop can potentially create a huge carbon footprint across its lifecycle but the new Acer Aspire Vero 16 aka model AV16-51P that was announced at Acer’s recent Conscious Technology event in Dubai is one of the first laptops that…

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Acer launches Chromebook Plus 515 and 514 laptops from US$400

Acer launches Chromebook Plus 515 and 514 laptops from US$400 3

Chromebooks are often the laptop of choice for academic scenarios and business outfits for their robust firmware, ease of deployment and efficient management at scale but they’re usually not known for being powerful choices for heavy duty work though Acer is looking to address that with their new Chromebook Plus series laptops dubbed the Chromebook…

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Predator CG48 and X27U OLED gaming monitors showcased at Predator League 2024 with flash sales

predator cg48 with acer team

Alongside the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 local finals, Acer Malaysia showcased two of their first OLED gaming monitors, the Predator CG48 and the Predator X27U that are now available in Malaysia along with a slew of limited-time promotions taking place at Noizucon where the Predator show booth is located at the KLCC Convention Centre…

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Exploring Acer’s SpatialLabs at Computex 2023: Are Glasses-Free 3D Displays Ready for Prime Time?

Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 3D display

The concept of extended reality and its various attempts over the years, from virtual reality headsets to 3D displays, is not new. Development in the world of tech Many brands have ventured into this field, facing varying results due to technology limitations or cost. At Computex 2023, Acer showcased their SpatialLabs stereoscopic display technologies in…

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The new Acer Connect Vero W6m is the greenest mesh router they’ve made with 30% PCR plastic

Acer Connect Vero W6m mesh router 1

Acer is certainly going the extra mile for sustainability and ahead of Computex 2023 where they’re slated to give a keynote, they’ve just taken the wraps off their spanking new Acer Connect Vero W6m mesh router that has a veritable heap of green credentials while kicking out fast WiFi 6e connectivity. What is the Acer…

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Awesome new Acer eKinekt Bike Desk lets you charge your tech and get fit too for USD999

Acer eKinekt Bike Desk 1

CES 2023 is typically a showcase of innovative and unusual tech but Acer’s latest offering is so out of left field that it’s brilliant. Their Acer eKinekt Bike Desk enables desk jockeys to get exercise in when working while also helping the environment too. What is the Acer eKinekt Bike Desk In terms of design,…

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