Insomniack with Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55

Samsung teams up with Insomniack to share Galaxy A55 and A35 message of Awesomeness

The Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 5G are among their most popular midrange smartphones in Malaysia but Samsung is looking to spread the word far and wide as they teamed up with popular Malaysian band Insomniack in a brand partnership with their hit song ‘Teman’ that express a strong commitment to loyalty and support, cornerstones of the Samsung and Galaxy A series experience.

Samsung Galaxy A55 and A35 Insomniack

In a special private event, Insomniack and Samsung revealed the new collaboration culminating in a live performance of Teman to invited guests. “Samsung’s collaboration with the Insomniacks represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and the artistry of music. Insomniacks’ hit song ‘Teman’ resonates perfectly with the theme of connectivity and companionship that defines the Galaxy A55 5G,” says Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “All in all, the A series embodies Samsung’s commitment to giving our customers trusted companions that enrich and elevate the everyday into all things awesome. Truly, you can’t find a better companion than the Galaxy A55 5G and we at Samsung are proud to be an indispensable part of your life.”

Buy a Galaxy A55 or A35 to win big

For those who are still on the fence about owning the Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55, there’s good news as the Samsung ‘Lebih Awesome, Lebih Menang’ A-series Giveaway Contest is still ongoing until 19 May 2024.

Giveaway Contest with Samsung Galaxy A55 and A35 5G! KV

Participation in the contest is as easy as it gets by simply purchasing a Galaxy A55, A35 or even an A24, A15 or A015, logging into the Samsung Members App and then answering a simple question to be in the running to win prizes worth up to RM1,000,000 including a spanking new Yamaha Y15ZR bike, a Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet and more.

Samsung Galaxy A55 and A35 show

You can check out our review of the Galaxy A35 here and the Galaxy A55 here. To purchase the Galaxy A55, check out their official link here and for the Galaxy A35 their official ink here.

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