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Acer expands support for SpatialLabs developers with richer toolkits

Acer has announced expanded support for developers for their SpatialLabs technology that offers a glasses-free stereoscopic 3D viewing experience by offering additional developer tools with the addition of SpatialLabs Unity plug-in support, the addition of Acer OpenXR runtime as well as Acer SteamVR Bridge support.

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SpatialLabs Pro expanded support options for Unity plug-in, OpenXR for SpatialLabs and SteamVR Bridge.

In the announcement, Acer has launched support for the Unity plug-in for SpatialLabs Pro which expands options as developers can use Unity plug-in’s existing tools and verticals for faster deployment not just in gaming but other fields that also use Unity such as education and engineering.

Acer’s OpenXR runtime for SpatialLabs has also been certified, allowing developers to use OpenXR protocols. The OpenXR runtime is also now available for extended reality applications such as Autodesk VRED and Blender to be viewed on Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices.

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Another interesting developer tool is the deployment of Acer’s SteamVR Bridge driver with NVIDIA Omniverse to allow Acer SpatialLabs Pro compatible devices including laptops and displays to display complex 3D content without the need for VR headsets. For more details, check out the Spatial Labs Developer site here. Acer will also be showcasing SpatialLabs Pro devices at their Computex showcase that will be taking place in the near future.