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ACO Tech teams up with UOB Malaysia, Fass Payment and FIVE to enhance ATLAS infotainment OS

ACO Tech has announced a partnership with UOB Malaysia, Fass Payment Solutions Sdn Bhd and FIVE Petroleum Malaysia that will take their own ATLAS infotainment OS to new heights by expanding its capabilities

What is the ATLAS system by ACO Tech

For the uninitiated, ATLAS is an acronym for ACO Tech Local Automotive Services (ATLAS) and is primarily a vehicular infotainment operating system intended for vehicles built off Android that also encompasses a mobile app called ATLAS Auto.

ATLAS itself performs the usual infotainment roles and also has real-time traffic information and navigation, the ability to store offline maps, vehicle diagnostics and connected services but the new partnerships will expand on the capabilities of ATLAS. At present, ATLAS is available in vehicles that use an ATLAS Infotainment Head Unit (IHU).

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The collaboration with UOB Malaysia, Fass Payment Solutions Sdn Bhd and FIVE Petroleum Malaysia will enable the deployment of a car-based digital wallet system and an in-car integrated automotive payment systems that’s slated for arrival in Q4 2022 as well as a hassle-free user experience by offering automated support through a network of approved service providers, easy refuelling by pointing out nearby FIVE petrol stations and more.

ACO Tech also signed a memorandum of understanding with Huawei to develop cloud-based automotive solutions on Huawei Cloud for regional markets. “As auto manufacturers strive to deliver a connected and personalised driving experience to the consumers, it is imperative for ATLAS to be agile, scalable and ever-evolving. While ensuring our technology capabilities are optimised to rapidly adapt to the demanding needs, building relationships with industry partners continues to be a priority for ACO Tech to provide innovative in-car experiences that make perfect sense to the drivers,” said Mr. Li Pu, CEO of ACO Tech Sdn Bhd.

Dr. Li Chunrong, Chairman of ACO Tech

Dr. Li Chunrong, Chairman of ACO Tech

We are excited to collaborate with UOB Malaysia, Fasspay, FIVE and Huawei. Our partners’ strengths in their respective industries and robust resources have enabled us to further broaden ATLAS’ competencies to ensure we always stay relevant and our offerings are accessible at home, on the road and everywhere in between. Essentially, our vision for our technologies is to enrich and complement every part of our users’ lives in the best way possible, continued Mr. Li Pu. For more details, check out