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New Azimuth watch showcase at Pavilion mall celebrates 20 years of excellence

If you’re around downtown Bukit Bintang, you can check out the Azimuth, 20 Years of Avant-Garde Time showcase that is ongoing from now until 19th November 2023 at the 2nd floor of Pavilion mall where you can admire the entirety of their line-up timepieces spanning two decades to celebrate their 20th anniversary including the new Azimuth Land Cruiser. 

Who are Azimuth watches

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Established by Alvin Lye and Christopher Long and based in Singapore and Switzerland, Azimuth watches were established in 2003 with an eye to create iconic timepiece designs that go against the grain.

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Over time, their timepieces have gained a cult following among horologists with standout pieces such as their Mr. Roboto series that debuted in 2007 and which has retro-futuristic robotic faces making up the watch face that make them instant conversation pieces.

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Other popular offerings from Azimuth include their automobile collection that has timepieces inspired by classic cars such as the Gran Turismo that has a dial akin to a speedometer paired with a modern automatic movement. 

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To celebrate Azimuth’s 20th anniversary, the brand has unveiled the Mr. Roboto Sapphire is limited to 20 units worldwide as well as their new Azimuth Land Cruiser timepiece.

The showcase at Pavilion mall is an excellent way to admire their entire Azimuth watch collection in one place and see how their designs have evolved over time to earn their iconic status among collectors today.

In Malaysia, Azimuth watches are available at all Red Army Watches boutiques. For more details, check out