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Beam Drive Something New Today campaign takes mobility to new heights

First and Last mile mobility has always been something of a pain in Malaysia with the blazing hot weather that makes shuffling along on foot a challenge but e-scooter service Beam aims to share how their offerings can help bridge that elusive gap in their new Beam Drive Something New Today campaign.

In a private showcase, Beam showed invited guests how easy it was to hop onto their Beam e-scooters that are located at key transit points all across the Klang Valley.

According to Beam representatives, e-scooters are able to help connect people to transit points and hotspots with ease while reducing dependency on private vehicles. This also helps the environment as well with every 10km ridden on a Beam saving 2.65kg of CO2 emissions versus using a car.

Beam Drive Something New Today guests

Beam’s e-scooters are built for convenience and to encourage people to opt for greener commutes within the city centre. With its growing availability in key transit points and destinations around the Klang Valley, the ability to quickly hop on and off an e-scooter to travel door-to-door in minutes gives Malaysians an easy and convenient solution to the first and last mile challenges of public transport usage. Moving between places that are too far for a comfortable walk, and too short a distance to drive, is solved with our e-scooters” said Taty Azman, Head of Public Affairs, Beam Mobility Malaysia.

Beam also stated that on top of improving public transport connectivity, their e-scooter services offer employment opportunities with the company hiring over 250 gig workers that conduct maintenance on their e-scooter fleet. For more details about the Beam Drive Something New Today campaign, check out their official page at