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Get the new Galaxy S24 for just RM2.40 with Samsung Rewards Points

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series are currently one of the most powerful Android phones that smartphones can currently buy though they don’t come cheap with prices that start from RM4,099. Fortunately, there’s a way to score one for much cheaper if you’re a Samsung Member for as low as RM2.40 by simply cashing in your Samsung Rewards points.

Galaxy S24 series Samsung Rewards Points

Samsung Rewards Points values to get the Galaxy S24 series

By registering your interest on the official Samsung campaign link from now until 19th February 2024 along with the proviso of being a Samsung Rewards Member or signing up for one and then redeeming a specific number of Samsung Rewards points at the Samsung Experience Store at The Exchange TRX mall on 24th February 2024, you’re able to get the Galaxy S24 256GB for just RM2.40 and 100,000 points, the Galaxy S24+ for just RM24 and 120,000 points and the top of the line Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB for just RM240 and 150,000 points. Membership certainly hath its privileges.

To register, swing by their official page at You can also check out the following table here for the breakdown.

s24 samsung members Samsung Rewards Points

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