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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with GL Play’s Play Long Long theme park promotions

The blazing hot weather of late and the coming Lunar New Year are certainly making things hot in more ways than one, but if you’re looking to cool off, you can check out GL Play’s new Play Long Long campaign which offers a slew of special themed events and deals at their theme parks including SplashMania Waterpark and FunPark too that will take place from now until 10th March 2024.

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GL Play Play Long Long promotion highlights

To usher in the spirit of the coming Year of the Dragon, there will be traditional performances including Lion and Dragon dances, Chinese Orchestra performances and special meet-and-greet sessions with the Splash Squad throughout the day along with performances by the Dancing Dreamers and more.  

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There will also be delightful Chinese New Year themed meals and from 25th February 2024 onwards, there will be mini Olympics inspired activities including a mini golf-tournament and parent-kid football games too.

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On top of the fun festive activities, there is also a new Zoomi’s Runway ride that zips you down from the Amazonia ship down to Omba’ King Cove as well as a free fall experience at Sky Leap that’s available at a special promotion RM30 for one ride per attraction, RM50 for two rides and RM60 for unlimited rides.

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Better yet, a SplashMania ticket holder can enjoy 50% off on other fun attractions in Gamuda Cove attractions including Discovery Park, the Safari Insta-Tour Ride and Boat Cruise at the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands and more.

As the auspicious Year of the Dragon roars in, we at Gamuda Land invite you to ‘Play Lóng Lóng’ not just on SplashMania’s whirling rides at Gamuda Cove, but also at Gamuda Luge Gardens’ FunPark where we’ve prepared lots of performances for your children’s school holidays! We aspire to provide thrilling combo packages across our many townships, where everyone can embrace a sense of adventure in the new year. After all, GL Play is not just a hub of leisure and hospitality; we’re a living canvas of Malaysian culture,” said Liong Ve Lyn, Senior General Manager (Leisure & Hospitality) of Gam

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uda Land. For more details check out