Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing front

Honor Magic6 Pro Unboxing and First Look – Uber tough and powerful flagship phone, coming soon to Malaysia

Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2024, the new Honor Magic6 Pro is Honor’s latest flagship that is not only their most powerful flagship phone to date but also arguably the toughest device that they’ve made.

Slated for arrival in Malaysia in March 2024, the new phone aims to set the bar in terms of its performance, cameras as well as display quality and durability. We managed to get our hands on a sample for review and we’ll be putting it through its paces. In the meantime, here’s our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing and our first impressions of their flagship phone.

Honor Magic6 Pro Unboxing – What’s in the Box

In keeping with tradition, the Honor Magic6 Pro comes with a fairly comprehensive array of kit to complement the phone. They haven’t skimped on anything and our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing sample which is indicative of retail units for soon to arrive in Malaysia has a soft TPU casing to further protect the phone, a 100W SuperCharge fast charger with accompanying cable as well as the obligatory SIM eject pin.

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In an era where extra accessories need to be nickel and dimed, the provision of a charger and a casing with the phone itself represents immense value indeed.

Honor Magic6 Pro Unboxing – Build and Design

The successor to the Honor Magic5 Pro release last year, the Honor Magic6 Pro will come in two colourways for Malaysia which are Epi Green and a more conservative shade of glass-shod black. Our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing sample is the former.

Aesthetically speaking, the Honor Magic6 Pro in Epi Green is a distinctively striking design even from afar with its unique looking Star Ring triple camera housing on the rear while its muted faux leather khaki green Epi Green finish is complemented by bronze trim on its sides. 

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing rear

The camera housing itself houses an improved Tele-Falcon camera system built around a 50MP Falcon main camera with an adjustable aperture capable of swapping from F/1.4 to F/2.0 along with OIS, a secondary 50MP F/2.0 ultra wide angle camera and a massive 180MP Tele-Falcon telephoto camera capable of 2.5X optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom. Of note here is that it has a new AI Motion Sensing capture algorithm baked in, allowing it to capture action shots faster than the human eye can track so you needn’t miss great shots at a sports event or performance.

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing camera

On closer inspection, the backplate itself is finished in a faux leather finish with a striated texture that lends it a measure of grippiness and a premium look befitting a flagship phone. It’s also rated IP68 for dust and water resistance too in keeping with other competing devices in its class. When held, our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing sample had a pleasant heft to it at 225g while the materials used in its manufacture lend it a wonderful tactility that feels especially premium.

Where it trumps the competition though is just how tough the phone is. Featuring a more matured version of their protective glass laminate protecting its display first seen on the Honor X9b that can resist even more punishment dubbed as Honor NanoCrystal Shield ,  the 6.8-inch LTPO Quad curved display on our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing sample was able to shrug off scratches, steel wool and even direct point-down thrusts from scalpels and knives in a live demonstration without undue effects.

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing nano crystal shield

Needless to say, it’s also drop proof too and the phone itself has a 5-star SGS Glass Drop Resistance Ability rating certification in multiple usage scenarios. 

The LTPO OLED display itself has a 2,800 x 1,280 pixels resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate, an impressive 5,000 nits peak HDR brightness and also has a 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, making it ideal for content creators and movie watching duties on account of its exceptional colour accuracy. 

hat’s not all, the display itself is also exceptionally easy on the eyes as it has 4,320Hz PWM dimming to reduce flickering especially when using the phone in low light scenarios or in dim light and it also has a trio of certifications – TÜV Rheinland Circadian Friendly, Full Care Display and Flicker Free certification to add to its impressive credentials.

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing base

Up top, the phone has a small 50MP ultra wide angle camera with a 3D TOF sensor riding shotgun in a tiny punch hole at the top for 3D face recognition biometric unlock.

Under the hood, our Honor Magic6 Pro unboxing sample hosts the top of the line Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor running Android 14 with their own MagicOS 8.0 overlaying it that now has a host of AI-powered features. This is paired with 12GB RAM augmented by 8GB of RAM turbo virtual RAM along with 512GB of onboard storage.

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing selfie camera

Where it gains the edge over the competition is the inclusion of several custom chips that include an E1 Honor Power Enhanced Chip for better power management, an Honor S1 Discrete Security Chip for better device security and an Honor C1+ RF Enhanced Chip that ensures better connectivity.  Keeping the phone charged is a 5,600mAh Silicon Carbon battery 2.0 with 80W wired fast charging as well as 66W wireless charging too. 

Honor Magic 6 Pro Unboxing and First Look – How much will it cost in Malaysia?

In Europe, the Magic6 Pro has prices start from €1,299 which is about RM6,714 though this isn’t indicative of actual local prices. At present, there’s no official price yet for the Honor Magic6 Pro for Malaysia save the confirmation that it will arrive in Malaysia this month in March 2024.

Honor Magic6 Pro Unboxing rear angled

However, it should not wander far from the price of the Honor Magic5 Pro when it launched last year which was RM4,299. Stay tuned for updates and for a full review when we put this slick looking phone to the test! In the meantime, swing by Honor Malaysia’s official page here for more details on the Magic6 Pro.