Oppo Reno11 series malaysia launch

Professional photographer Khairul Amin shares experience with Oppo Reno11 series portraiture

The official launch of the Oppo Reno11 series 5G in sunny Desaru, Johor Bahru, saw a host of invited guests including professional photographers who shared their experiences with the new phone especially in regards to its vaunted abilities to capture portraiture. We managed to get a few minutes with Malaysian professional photographer Khairul Amin who shared his experiences with the Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G during the launch where he put the phone through its paces with a series of candid portrait shots of Amelia Henderson.

“The Oppo Reno Series is the best phone for taking portrait shots since it is known as the “Portrait Expert,” a title that fits the device rather nicely. With professional-grade proprietary tuning and imaging configuration on par with a professional camera, it produces studio-calibre portrait effects with every shot,” said Khairul.

03 Oppo Reno11 series launch test shot Khairul Amin Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G

Captured with the Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G by Khairul Amin at the Oppo Reno11 series launch [Oppo]

The Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G which has a 50MP F/1.8 primary camera with OIS, a 32MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom and an 8MP ultra wide angle camera along with a dedicated Portrait mode. Khairul shared that the telephoto camera isn’t just for scenery shots and that it has creative uses when capturing portraiture especially to get closer to a subject without needing to get up close in their face. 

01 Oppo Reno11 series 5G Pro test shot

Captured with the Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G by Khairul Amin – [Oppo]

Another advantage, according to Khairul is achieving ‘spatial compression’ in a shot to shrink or ‘compress’ a subject in relation to the background to make the background look larger and closer for a unique aesthetic effect. Khairul adds that the 47mm focal length of the telephoto portrait camera is ideal for his work as it’s close to the lauded ‘nifty 50’ which refers to the favourite 50mm telephoto focal length for portrait shooting.

The 2x optical zoom gives it a perfect focal length for portraits taken at, or near 50mm, and its algorithm produces bokeh effects comparable to those found in DSLRs, plus you can even adjust the amount of bokeh desired for your photos after the shoot,” said Khairul.

o2 Oppo Reno11 series 5G Pro test shot

Captured with the Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G by Khairul Amin – [Oppo]

The Oppo Reno11 Pro also hosts additional features that enhance its role as a superior portraiture capture smartphone including AI Portrait Retouching with a choice of 24mm and 2x 47mm along with aperture selection between F/1.4 – F/16, flare patterns and more for maximum creativity. AI Portrait Retouching also benefits from intelligent scene and subject separation along with custom tuned retention of key skin details while retaining a natural looking, flattering portrait according to their official literature.

Oppo Reno11 series 5G price in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Oppo Reno 11 Pro is available at RM2,499 while the Oppo Reno11 is available at RM1,899. For more details check out their official page at https://www.oppo.com/my/  

oppo reno11 series launch malaysia