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Proton X90 Flagship Review – Affordably spacious and luxury SUV that’s great for families

Launched last year on national carmaker Proton’s 40th anniversary, the Proton X90 is a premium SUV that comes in four different models – a Standard version, an Executive model, a Premium variant and the top of the line Flagship model which is also the most premium configuration with the most features out of the four.

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Proton graciously loaned us the flagship variant for review and I put it through its paces with an extended trip to Johor and uphill to Genting Highlands. Here’s my Proton X90 flagship review where we share what audience will love what this premium SUV has to offer and if it is worth your money!.

Proton X90 Flagship Review – Design and Specifications

The Proton X90 Flagship has a conservative design with rounded edges that is rather pleasant, following Proton’s Ethereal Bow and Infinite Weave aesthetic philosophy as well as a tall silhouette that is rather low profile.

The most recognisable feature of the X90 is its front grille though it hides most of its charms within as it has a wonderfully spacious cabin and a lot of nice features for both the driver and passenger alike. 

Proton X90 flagship review grille

Possessing the most features, my Proton X90 Flagship review unit came in a Cinnamon Brown finish that looks surprisingly distinctive and attractive. You can also get it in other colours like Snow White, Armour Silver, red, Jet Grey and Marine Blue though the blue version is only for the Premium and Flagship model and the standard model doesn’t come in brown and red.

Regardless of variant, all versions of the Proton X90 has a mild-hybrid system that consists of a 1,477cc 3-cylinder in-line, 12 valve DOHC turbocharged petrol engine mated with a 48V electric motor synergy system capable of offering up to 130kW (177PS) at up to 5,500rpm. The addition of the EMS system gives it 190Ps and a max torque of 300 Nm.

The transmission is a 7-speed dual clutch with manual mode and electric power steering. This system aims to offer better performance, smoother driving and reduced fuel consumption. My Proton X90 Flagship review unit also has a comprehensive array of safety features.

Proton X90 flagship review driver side

Among the safety features included are six airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), electronic stability control (ESC), both forward and rear collision warnings, intelligent cruise control, a 360-degree and a reverse camera which i found super helpful for watching corners and parking in tight spaces as I normally drive a much smaller sedan so it takes a bit of practice to handle something like the Proton X90.

Proton X90 Flagship Review – Cabin

On top of multiple safety features, my Proton X90 flagship review vehicle also has a lot of creature comforts too. While the other variants seat seven passengers, the flagship version seats six in a 2-2-2 configuration which I found ideal for my extended family. 

The front and second row passenger seats are ventilated with all seats covered in soft nappa leather, which makes them very comfortable to sit in. In Malaysia’s hot and super humid weather, air conditioning is a must and the X90 flagship model has rear independent air conditioning that allows passengers in the back to adjust the temperature as needed. There’s even a panoramic sunroof up top.

Proton X90 flagship review sun roof

On the driver’s side, I found my seat to be extremely comfortable and ergonomic, though I found that the coffee cup holder was in an odd position. Every time I wanted to change gears, my elbow  tended to knock into my coffee thermos. It would have been nice if they placed it in a different position or farther back. 

That aside, I liked the wireless charging pad as it made recharging my phone much easier while the seven USB ports spaced around the rear passenger seats also made charging my child’s tablet much easier too on the road.  I also really liked that it has proximity-based auto lock and unlock so I can walk away and the car locks itself and unlock when I get near it which saves a bit of time.

The interior also gets a large 12.3-inch touchscreen in the middle though it does not have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Instead, it has ACO Tech’s ATLAS infotainment system that responds to ‘Hey Proton’ via the Proton Link for access to navigation, music streaming and the usual. The rest of the front is luxurious looking too with leather on the main dashboard and the doors as well.

Proton X90 flagship review console

What I really loved with my Proton X90 flagship review ride is the amount of space it has. On a weekend trip to Johor, I managed to accommodate my family of six and all our luggage for a weekend trip including toys for my kids and all the extra stuff I need for my kids like milk, diapers and the like. You can get even more space if you fold the rear seats down but I wasn’t able to do that as I had my entire family in tow for my weekend trip.

Proton X90 Flagship Review – How does it handle?

For testing, I took my Proton X90 Flagship on a ride to Johor Bahru and back on the weekend as well as up and down Genting Highlands for another work trip. Handling was smooth and the long road south proved to be a comfortable ride with smooth acceleration and good handling. 

I was comfortably able to head to Johor from Kuala Lumpur on a full tank and prudently topped it up for the trip back. When going up Genting Highlands, the X90 did well with the corners and incline without feeling slow or underpowered even with a full load of six passengers and luggage too.

Proton X90 flagship review front

The active driver assistance (ADAS) features, especially its 360 parking camera helped especially when parking in tight areas. Overall, it offers smooth performance without any complications.

Should you buy the Proton X90 flagship?

In Malaysia, the Proton X90 flagship costs RM152,8000 on the road without insurance and includes a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, five-year 1GB/month package and six times free-labour servicing appointments which makes it one of the most affordable in the market for what it has to offer.

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At this price, you get a super comfortable six seater with a lot of features that make it great for families while having lots of space and, our favourite, a lot of helpful tech too including plenty of charging ports for phones and safety features too. If you’re looking for an SUV, this is definitely worthy of consideration.

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Proton X90 flagship review unit courtesy of Proton Malaysia. For more details please visit

Proton X90 Flagship
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  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value

Proton X90 Flagship

The Proton X90 Flagship model is a great value oriented choice for extended families with extended comfy seating in the back, lots of space for storage and a generous bunch of features including wireless charging, two-zone rear air conditioning and helpful safety features too at a fair price point.


Comprehensive safety features

Dual-zone air conditioning with independent rear unit

Comfortable seats

Generous amount of cargo and passenger space

Good noise insulation


Cup holder for driver gets in the way when changing gears

Would be nice to have a volume dial rather than just wheel-side controls

Doesn’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (for now)