Connected Intelligent Edge

Qualcomm Connected Intelligent Edge showcases latest updates in AI

In a briefing, Qualcomm shared the latest updates in AI advancements and the sheer potential of Connected Intelligent Edge that is currently being disseminated to the mainstream via a campaign known as ‘The Edge of Possible’ that shares various use cases both theoretical and in current usage that show how Connected Intelligent Edge can benefit humanity for the better.

What is Qualcomm’s Connected Intelligent Edge

The convergence of 5G networks, edge computing and AI, Connected Intelligent Edge enables data to be processed and analysed in real-time to allow for faster decision making and response times which can benefit a host of industries including manufacturing, transportation and security, just to name a few with immediate tangible benefits with the use of Connected Intelligent Edge.

The benefits of Connected Intelligent Edge also have applications in healthcare, enabling such connected devices to provide medical professionals with important data such as vital signs of patients so that they can rapidly respond and treat patients even if they are geographically distant.

Connected Intelligent Edge devices also have applications in transportation to make vehicles safer and more efficient with real time diagnostics and safety information.

Another industry that benefits from Connected Intelligent Edge is the security industry with connected cameras able to offer higher resolution videos, better image and object recognition, detection and more.

Qualcomm Connected Intelligent Edge 2

The briefing also shared the applications of an intelligent edge device called an AI Box which integrates system-on-chip (SOC) hardware such as the Qualcomm QS8250 or QRB5165 processors that can process traditional IP camera feeds and run machine learning analytics across multiple camera streams, taking advantage of fast 5G connectivity for more bandwidth-intensive, time-sensitive applications while helping to realign the security industry to a ‘Video software as a service’ (VSaaS) model to optimise growth and profit.

More powerful AI also has direct applications especially among consumer hardware like laptops, smartphones and PCs with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile chipsets which are now able to offload computationally intensive tasks to dedicated AI engines for more efficient use of the CPU and GPU. 

Better AI in devices, not just smartphones but PCs as well, also enables better security by being able to detect if an authorised user is away from a PC and locking it down while reenabling access upon their return to prevent unauthorised access.

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