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Razer Restorify is a traceable carbon neutral checkout solution for a greener planet

When people purchase products be it a keyboard or even a tub of popcorn, most people don’t give a thought as to the potential environmental cost over time but Razer has been looking to change that with their Razer Restorify service that has just rolled out on their www.razer.com store.

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What is Razer Restorify

In essence, Razer Restorify is a traceable carbon neutral checkout solution that promotes transparency and accountability in the carbon market and enables businesses, not just Razer alone, to offset their emissions while enabling consumers to be a part of the solution. 

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With Restorify, consumers are able to view the carbon footprint of a product so that they can make informed decisions and then offset their purchases with traceable carbon credits in smaller denominations that are from verified carbon registries. Upon purchasing these credits, consumers will receive a certificate that lists the carbon emissions offset with the purchase, which country they’re from and the certification standard, all of which are recorded in the ESGpedia registry for verification.

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Razer Restorify and its carbon neutral checkout system is also for integration in businesses via Razer Fintech. Over time, Razer Restorify is able to help businesses estimate their carbon footprint based on a product’s emissions across its life cycle and help businesses with a means to evaluate the environmental impact of their products via ECOLOGO Certification, Environmental  Product Declaration Certification, or Product Carbon Footprint Verification using Razer’s ecolabel  partner, global safety science leader, UL Solutions. For more details on Razer Restorify, check out their official page at https://merchant.razer.com/v3/restorify/ .