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ROG Ranger BP2701 Review – Comfy Backpack For Gamers On The Go

As borders reopen and work routines gradually transition back to normal, the need for a solid backpack becomes all the more critical and while the Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand is better known for their gaming laptops and peripherals, they’re also a dab hand at making backpacks too as their latest ROG Ranger BP2701 gaming backpack can attest to.

We took it around for a whirl as an everyday backpack on our daily work commute and here’s our ROG Ranger BP2701 review where we share our findings to see if it’s really worth your money.


ROG Ranger BP2701 Review – Design and Comfort

The  ROG Ranger BP2701 backpack is primarily designed to protect and comfortably tote a gaming laptop up to 17-inches in size with a main compartment accessible via a zippered top flap and a full-length side flap. The overall material is done up in a combination of anti-scratch leatherette, polyurethane, lycra and canvas with the front of the backpack being otherwise plain save for a subtle reflective ROG logo in the front.

On the left and right sides of the backpack are two elastic sleeves to allow for users to add in cylindrical items like a small water bottle or a compact umbrella; they’re otherwise too tall and narrow for smaller items and it’s too difficult to access your keys or a stick of gum at the bottom if you toss them in these pockets.

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review top view

Up top, our ROG Ranger BP2701 review sample has an extremely sturdy hand-carry strap with double-cross stitching to support heavy loads. As a nifty touch, the backpack also has a zippered compartment up top to allow for easy access to small items like wet wipes, cables or whatnot though it isn’t padded or armoured so tossing in more fragile items like sunglasses would not be advisable.

The main laptop compartment is sealed via a water repellent zipper. Of note here is that ROG has ensured that all the zippers have easy pull tabs with the aforementioned main compartment getting a free ROG carabiner which features a small lanyard to allow for easy one-handed opening.

The rear of the backpack is where ROG is perhaps the most sophisticated aspect of the  ROG Ranger BP2701’s design. The straps are adjustable and heavily padded and sheathed in lycra for comfort while featuring a sternum strap and an additional attachment point on both straps for a smaller carabiner.

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review rear view

The back also has additional meshed padding on the shoulder blades and lower back with a zippered compartment for passports along with another zipper all across one side for easy access to a stored laptop. It also has a luggage strap to secure it to other large bags or suitcases.

Opening our ROG Ranger BP2701 review sample reveals a somewhat modest internal layout. You get a primary envelope-shaped compartment to slide in a laptop up to 17-inches in size that can be secured with a velcro strap.

You also get a series of small internal pockets secured with elastic straps along with a separate small storage compartment that is secured with a zipper. Bar these pockets, the main internal layout lacks any partitions or any means to separate storage into distinct subsections. 

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review internal

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review – There’s enough room to store a 17-inch laptop, its associated accessories and a fair assortment of other gear to make it great for use as a bag for daily commuters

Overall build quality for our ROG Ranger BP2701 review sample is excellent and the zippers are well made with tight stitching across every seam and a relatively sound design with quality fabric used throughout its construction.

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review – How does it handle?

I took it around as my primary backpack for daily carry for a couple of weeks on a public commute that lasts an hour or so via the train and bus. Stuffed into our ROG Ranger BP2701 review sample at all times was a 14-inch laptop, a USB-C 65W charger to charge it, a 500ml water bottle and a small toiletries bag. 

The array of internal pockets and compartments allowed sufficient space to tote around a pair of wireless headphones, a spare power bank within easy reach and the odd pack of mints or two.

Depending on the nature of the job, I also toted around a larger camera which came in its own padded bag, paperwork and several phones or tablets I have for testing. There’s still a modest bit of space left in the main compartment for some groceries or even a spare shirt but you’ll need to be a fairly efficient packer to make the most out of its 22l carrying capacity.

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review side zipper

ROG Ranger BP2701 Review – The backpack features a full-length side zipper for easy access to a stored laptop

Of note here is the exceptional comfort offered by the straps and additional sternum strap. Even when fully loaded, the weight was evenly distributed across my shoulders with the padding on the straps and the back portion helping to alleviate the weight somewhat.

While access to the laptop is exceptionally easy with the side zipper, gaining access to anything you’ve stored in the lower portions of the main compartment is a challenge, especially when fully loaded as you’ll have to remove some of your stuff first.

Should you buy the  ROG Ranger BP2701 gaming backpack?

The  ROG Ranger BP2701 backpack fulfils its original mission profile to enable you to safely carry a gaming laptop and its associated accessories around with you in relative comfort It still offers extra space and enough flexibility to act as a rather capable bag for daily commuting too.

Hitech Century Silver award

The water repellent finish and comfortable straps make it ideal for all day carry and it’s usable, in a pinch, as an overnight bag with some judicious packing. Granted, the ROG Ranger BP2701 isn’t an orthodox choice for those looking for a laptop backpack but it’s a very worthy choice.

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Price RM469
Total storage 22L main compartment (up to 17-inch laptop)
Material 600D polyester
Size/Weight 315 x 490 x 155mm / 0.93kg

ROG Backpack available for purchase on both Shopee and Lazada in Malaysia.

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ROG Ranger BP2701
  • Design
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  • Value

ROG Ranger BP2701

The ROG Ranger BP2701 backpack offers sufficient space to tote a large 17-inch gaming laptop, its associated charger and other gear as well as a modest selection of other essentials. The water repellent chassis, comfortable straps and padded back ensures comfortable all day carry though the single main compartment means that items stuck at the bottom of the bag are harder to remove. This design is ideal for use as a daily commuter backpack and can, in a pinch, function as a serviceable overnight bag with some judicious packing.


Comfortable shoulder straps and padding

Water resistant main compartment

Handy fast access side zipper to laptop


Non-configurable internal partitions

Iitems stacked in bottom hard to remove if backpack fully loaded