Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 review cover #Flexyou360

New Samsung #FlexYou360 Challenge for Galaxy Z Flip5 lets you win a trip for 5 to Seoul!

If you own Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or are about to get one, you’re in luck as the Samsung #FlexYou360 Challenge has just kicked off with owners standing the chance to win a 4 days/3 nights trip for up to 5 people including yourself to Seoul, South Korea!

The unique form foldable factor of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 lends it an insane level of creative flexibility especially its unique Flex mode that allows its dual 12MP cameras to take amazing shots that no other camera can take. This makes it fantastic for selfies, group shots and if you love taking video, the ability to hold it sideways like a traditional camcorder for smooth 4K video too.

What is the Samsung#FlexYou360 Challenge

To participate in the Samsung #FlexYou360 Challenge, participants need to own the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and download the unique Flex360 app on the Google Play store that is exclusive to the Galaxy Z Flip5. For the uninitiated, the Flex360 app enables users to take selfies at multiple 360-degree angles with just one click to create stunningly memorable videos.

Samsung FlexYou360 Challenge event

Once you have both the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Flex360 app downloaded, all you need to do is to capture a short video of 3 to 5 people in your posse with the Flex360 app or take advantage of the mobile #Flex360 bus at Samsung Flip Town locations or #Flex360 selfie booth in selection locations across Malaysia. For a complete list of #Flex360 bus and #Flex360 selfie booth locations, check out their official page here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 #Flexyou360

Once captured, all you need to do is to post it on Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags #FlexYou360 #GalaxyZFlip5, make sure your account is public and also register your entry at

Naturally, you’ll need to submit your Galaxy Z Flip5 IMEI as proof of purchase on registration. For more details on the Samsung #FlexYou360 Challenge, check out their official page at You can also check out our Galaxy Z Flip5 review here.