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5 Powerful Galaxy AI Features The New Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Has That You Never Realised You Needed (But Will Forever)

There are technological milestones across our history that expands our potential manyfold and that fundamentally makes life easier and more epic – things like the printing press, the telephone, television and the computer across history have changed our way of life. Now, we’re on the cusp of a technological revolution that’s possibly the most epic yet with Samsung’s first Galaxy AI phone embodied by the new Galaxy S24 series that have made their global debut in San Jose, California.

Not only are the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones powerful flagships with cutting edge specifications including the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy and Exynos 2400 for Galaxy processors and featuring  potent camera performance, they are notably the first Galaxy series smartphones with on-device AI dubbed as Galaxy AI that are capable of making everything we do in life more epic than ever before and able to change how we live, connect and create in amazing ways that we never realised we needed.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Malaysia series

Leveraging a combination of on-device and cloud-based AI, Galaxy AI is a next-generation experience unique to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones that offers new solutions to get things done in ways you didn’t know existed.

Elevating the Galaxy S24 series beyond mere spec bumps, the inclusion of Galaxy AI is a literal game-changer. Here’s 5 powerful Galaxy AI features the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series has that you never realised you needed…

Samsung Galaxy AI Feature – Call Assist

Achieving speaking fluency in a language takes years of practice. With the power of Galaxy AI in the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series, communicating in a new language is literally as easy as the press of a button.

Using Galaxy AI’s ‘Call Assist’ feature, a Galaxy S24 series user is able to enjoy real time language translation in different languages including Mandarin, Korean, French, German, Vietnamese and more.

samsung galaxy s24 series galaxy AI features call assist

Get directions from a local, order food even if you don’t speak the language and more – this Galaxy AI feature lets you communicate across different languages like a pro! Perfect for solo travellers and language students too.

Samsung Galaxy AI Feature – Chat Assist

It can take a lifetime to master the written word but when you need to write that perfectly crafted email to your boss to get your point across or when you’re trying to talk to that new friend you made who speaks an entirely different language, you need a solution right now

Fortunately, Galaxy AI’s groundbreaking Chat Assist capabilities allows you to translate written chats with native fluency in multiple languages much like Call Assist in real-time without the need for any third-party apps.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra - galaxy unpacked 2024 galaxy AI note assist

Better yet, Galaxy AI’s Chat Assist feature lets you tailor your written responses from as short as a message all the way to a full-sized email to the exact tone and manner you want be it something formal and serious or something fun and whimsical all by typing in a few key words!

Samsung Galaxy AI Feature – Note Assist

Whether you’re a student taking notes at a lecture or a corporate executive tasked with summing up a huge report for your next meeting, one common thread is that it makes for a tediously time consuming task. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ Galaxy AI can resolve that problem in a handy fashion, freeing up time for more productive tasks.

With Galaxy AI’s Note Assist feature, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series are able to intelligently format written or transcribed notes from the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen or other notes into a neater format with a simple auto format function and even correct typos too.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Galaxy AI features note assist

Better yet, Note Assist can summarise important points from notes and even translate them into a different language too. Clean, organised and typo free notes that can be summarised on demand in the language of your choice? Yes, please!

Samsung  Galaxy AI Feature – Photo Assist

A picture is worth a thousand words but getting that perfect photo with friends or with family can often be a challenge due to bystanders in the background, reflections from a mirror or any number of other potential photographic mishaps.

Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ powerful Galaxy AI feature dubbed as Photo Assist mode has automated photo editing capabilities that would have once required a professional PC and years of training to accomplish; this time all with the press of a button. 

samsung galaxy s24 series galaxy AI photo assist

With Photo Assist, a Galaxy S24 series phone can recompose a captured photo by moving or removing objects or people and intelligently filling in gaps in the background, remove reflections or shadows, erase specific objects in the image and even suggest potential edits too.

For those capturing video on the Galaxy S24 series smartphones, Photo Assist using Galaxy AI is even able to instantly slow down footage to view exciting moments without it looking jerky. Now, every shot can be epic!

And another thing – Circle to Search with Google

The internet and by extension social media is a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and ever so often, you’ll encounter real head-scratchers when you find something be it an item you want or something else you don’t recognise but want to know more about. 

Rather than laboriously having to search for hours online, the Galaxy S24 series now has a Circle to Search with Google function where you simply have to draw a circle around an image of an item you’re looking for without even having to know its name or other search terms to get actual results like where to buy it, what it’s called and more.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Circle to Search with Google Galaxy AI Features

Best of all, the Circle to Search with Google feature is capable of offering context-sensitive results for an object or item being searched to make it relevant to you. Now, that’s smart!

If you’re keen on getting Samsung’s latest flagship phone, you’ll love the fact that they’re offering a special Galaxy S24 series preorder programme with a slew of free gifts and goodies – here’s how it works…

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Malaysia pre-order details

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series which consists of the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+ and the top of the line Galaxy S24 Ultra, all of which integrate Samsung’s next generation Galaxy AI will be available for preorders in Malaysia starting from 18 Jan 2024 through to 6 Feb 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Galaxy AI features Malaysia preorder

Early birds who preorder the Galaxy S24 series in this period can enjoy a complimentary double storage upgrade for their Galaxy S24 series smartphone that is worth RM500, a generous e-voucher worth RM500, the option to trade-in older devices for up to RM650 in trade-in value and an exclusive purchase-with-purchase programme that lets you purchase other Samsung wearables and tablets worth up to RM800 in value along with up to a 45% off Samsung Care+ plans and accessories too

For more details and to preorder the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series empowered with Galaxy AI, check out any Samsung Experience store nationwide or the Samsung official online store at:

If you’re still on the fence about joining the next AI revolution and owning the world’s first Galaxy AI phone with the Galaxy S24 series, drop by any Samsung Experience store nationwide and check the phone out – what you will discover may surprise you!