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Unleash Epic Nightography Awesomeness: Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Cameras Empower you to Take Stunning Shots, Day or Night

Unforgettable moments like beach parties, graduations, or epic holidays in Seoul rarely occur twice. That’s why it’s crucial to have a smartphone capable of taking sharp, stunning shots to preserve those memories. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras not only excel at capturing fantastic shots, but also deliver high-quality 8K resolution videos and stabilised 4K videos too. It’s not just about the hardware though. 

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series consists of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 series, particularly the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra, comes equipped with a host of special features and AI capabilities that elevate their performance by leaps and bounds compared to the competition. Let’s explore how the Galaxy S23 series cameras make epic photography as easy as pressing a button!

Galaxy S23 series cameras – Stunning performance with longer zoom and steadier OIS

The best camera you have is the one you carry with you, and the Galaxy S23 series cameras offer pro-grade photography in your pocket at all times.

For those seeking a no-compromise experience, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra beckons with its quad camera array that features a massive 200MP Adaptive Pixel camera sensor capable of capturing exceptional details in a shot, with the option to capture an image at a full 200MP resolution

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The 200MP Adaptive Pixel camera is also able to offer smaller 12MP and 50MP images, utilising the power of AI to intelligently combine pixels and retain rich detail for more casual use. This is complemented by a dual 10MP telephoto camera array capable of up to 100x zoom and a 12 MP ultra wide camera.

Better yet, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s enhanced camera array integrates improved OIS with double the degree of stabilisation, providing even more stable shots and videos compared to the older Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ aren’t left out either with Adaptive VDIS support, resulting in less blur when filming video.

Another significant enhancement in the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra is its ability to capture steady, stabilised 4K video at a smooth 60fps akin to using a gimbal. This represents a huge improvement over the Galaxy S22 Ultra which was capable of stabilised 1080P at 60fps video.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is able to capture stabilised 4K video at a smooth 60fps

Users seeking a more affordable, compact yet powerful option will love the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones. Both models boast a potent triple-camera array centred around a 50MP Dual Pixel camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS) for judder free shots. This is paired with a 10MP telephoto camera and a 12MP ultrawide camera.

With Adaptive Pixel technology, users can capture full-resolution 50MP photos and size optimised 12MP shots brimming with detail. The triple camera array offers OIS-stabilised 3x optical zoom and up to 30x hybrid zoom for snaps, allowing users to tackle most day-to-day scenarios from selfies to birthdays, even in dim light. 

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 feature a similar triple camera fronted by a 50MP Adaptive pixel camera

Challenging backlit shots are achievable with rich details with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras with Samsung’s Super HDR technology allowing for four times the dynamic range for greater and subtler differences in areas of brightest light and darkest shadow with minimal loss of detail in photos even as Samsung’s Detail Enhancer feature uses AI to intelligently retain details even across long telephoto distances such as when you’re taking scenery from far away.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras for Epic Nightography and Night Videos – Low Light? No Problem!  

The mark of a great smartphone camera is its ability to take great photos and videos even in low light. In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras deliver fabulously crisp and vibrant stills, even in dimly lit scenarios, with the press of a button – a feature that Samsung refers to as Nightography

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Cameras selfie cameras

Common across the Galaxy S23 series is a 12MP selfie camera with a host of AI-enhanced features to offer brilliant shots and videos even in low light conditions

Common across the entire Galaxy S23 series range is an improved 12MP front-facing selfie camera with Dual Pixel autofocus, capable of capturing detailed selfies and wefies even in dim light conditions, with natural looking bokeh effects for share worthy shots.

Thanks to advances in AI, along with Samsung’s unique AI Object-aware engine, captured images retain authentic colours and detailed textures, even in challenging light conditions while the AI Detail Enhancer is able to intelligently add details in for both selfies and rear camera shots.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Cameras s23 ultra steady video

While other smartphone cameras struggle to focus on a subject, especially when capturing portraits at night, the Galaxy S23 series cameras pack fast and accurate Dual Pixel autofocus technology, ensuring rapid and precise focusing. Paired with AI Stereo Depth mode, stunningly authentic bokeh effects are guaranteed. Portrait mode even works on objects too! 

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras also feature enhanced compatibility with popular third-party social media apps that include Instagram, Snapchat and TIkTok. This allows users to leverage the full power and potential of the cameras,both front and rear, ensuring fantastic share-worthy videos and photos!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Cameras – Manual Controls and Customisation for Full Creative Expression

To fully leverage the sheer power and performance of the Galaxy S23 series cameras, savvy users can take advantage of a fully featured Pro mode that offers a wealth of additional features including the ability to take full resolution 50MP photos for the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ and massive full resolution 200MP shots for the Galaxy S23 Ultra along with precise controls for exposure, ISO, shutter speed and white balance. 

Expert users seeking full creative control can download the optional Expert RAW labs app which unlocks additional creative modes and features that include the jaw-dropping Astro Hyperlapse mode that allows for easy capture of stairs trails of the night sky, an Astrophoto mode for astrophotography without the need for special equipment except for a tripod and an artistic Multi-exposure mode that combines multiple shots into a single image. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Cameras astrophotography galaxy s23 ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series cameras have a dedicated astrophotography mode to capture clear pictures of the night sky

This customisability also extends to the very camera interface itself. By installing the optional Good Lock app and the Camera Assistant app, users can customise the behaviour of the Galaxy S23 series cameras including camera timeout, the interval between capturing photos and much more. With the Galaxy S23 series, you have it your way every time.

Samsung intelligent Gallery – View Shots and Videos the Way You Want 

Organising all the photos and videos you have on your smartphone is often a challenge but Samsung’s Gallery app that comes as part of their latest OneUI 5.1 interface for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series features a sophisticated array of AI-assisted curation modes and even ways to enhance your favourite pictures.

In the Gallery, users can take advantage of AI Curation mode where localised AI are able to smartly organise photos and videos into albums and stories for easier perusal. For a more immersive view, the menus dip away when viewing content so you can fully appreciate content onscreen.

The Gallery also features a powerful suite of AI assisted video and remastering tools. Within the Gallery app itself, you’re able to remaster dull, blurry or low-quality photos into enhanced, better looking versions and even automatically create short movies with the AI intelligently selecting the best parts to create exciting clips.

That’s not all as the Gallery also lets you perform a number of photo editing tasks such as rotating a photo, flipping it around, changing brightness and exposure as well as the Object Eraser mode which uses AI to remove unwanted objects from a shot to make it perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series availability

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series which consists of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and the top of the line Galaxy S23 Ultra is available nationwide in Malaysia.

For a limited time only until 30th June 2023, any purchase of the Galaxy S23 series gets a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds along with a special double storage promotion where you get the next storage capacity at no extra cost. 

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This means that you can purchase the Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB variant for just RM5,199 which is the price of the 256GB variant while purchasing the Galaxy S23 Ultra 1TB costs just RM5,699 which is the original cost of the 512GB variant. In the case of the Galaxy S23, you’re able to purchase the 256GB variant for RM3,899 while the Galaxy S23+ 512GB version is available for just RM4,699.

To purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, check out Samsung Malaysia’s official online store at 

To purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23, saunter on over to Samsung Malaysia’s online store at