Galaxy Z Flip front

Here’s 3 Reasons why the stylish foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip still has the Cool Factor in 2021 

Most phones these days inevitably look like differently shaped slabs of metal sandwiched by glass on either end but Samsung’s original fashion flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip still has it with its pioneering ultra-compact design that folds down to the equivalent of a small coin purse.

Currently priced at RM3,999 as of 2021 with a tempting 12 month EPP installment plan available, the Galaxy Z Flip has an unmistakable silhouette and finish that turns heads with a slew of practical functions that are not only stylish but practical too. Here’s 3 reasons why the stylish foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip still has it in 2021!

Galaxy Z Flip open and closed

#1 Flex Mode lets you flex your style

Blame it on gravity but a conventional phone with a candybar design isn’t going to stand up on its own unless you precariously prop it up or invest in a stand-up case with a kickstand and even then, you.still have to deal with the added thickness. Fortunately the Galaxy Z Flip’s 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen has a secret weapon – Flex Mode!

With the Galaxy Z Flip, you’re able to fold the phone up halfway up, allowing the phone to stand on its own anytime, anywhere without need for other cases, feats of balancing dexterity or whatnot.

Galaxy Z Flip angled

In Flex Mode, you gain features unique to the Galaxy Z Flip such as watching movies, workout videos or whatnot wherever the whimsy strikes you. In a coffee sesh with friends? No problem. On the top of a car hood in the middle of a road trip? Easy peasy. Better yet, Flex Mode also lets you use the Galaxy Z Flips cameras too for effective video calls when you need to reach out to someone.. 

When working out, the Galaxy Z Flip also pairs up wonderfully with Samsung’s Galaxy Watches so you can watch a workout and track it too!

#2 Galaxy Z Flip – Dual camera Delight for Instaworthy Shots Anytime, Anywhere

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with a dual camera array with a 12MP main camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a secondary 12MP camera with an ultra wide angle lens capable of up to 4K video. For selfies and video calls, it has a solid 10MP selfie camera. 

This setup ensures judder free shots from the get-go for anything from tasty food snaps to creative masterpieces with friends and family but where the Galaxy Z Flip takes things to the next level is in tandem with Flex Mode which enables you to prop the phone up and take full creative advantage of the cameras.

Galaxy Z Flip side angle

With Flex Mode and the powerful dual camera array, you’re able to take unique shots that would require a chunkier phone and more gear to accomplish like hyperlapse shots (Shibuya Crossing, anyone?), stylish selfies without the need for a stand or a buddy to hold it for you and more as you can simply raise the palm of your hand to trigger a camera countdown. The sky’s the limit!

#3 Flagship grade hardware

Intended as a powerful and practical fashion accessory, the Galaxy Z Flip packs some beefy specs that still hold it in good stead in 2021. In Malaysia you get a flagship grade Snapdragon 865+ processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB of onboard storage along with a 3,300mAh battery that has more than enough juice for all day use.

Galaxy Z Flip foldable

Whether it’s an all-day social media browsing extravaganza, a full-on Netflix binge or a video call chat-up, the Galaxy Z Flip is able to keep pace and keep on ticking.

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is still available in Malaysia currently priced at RM3,999 in your choice of Mirror Purple, Mirror Black and Mirror Gold with LTE connectivity online at Samsung’s official page and at Samsung Experience stores as well as authorised dealers nationwide.

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If you’re keen on looking at the next generation in innovation, Samsung will be showcasing their next Unpacked 2021 show tomorrow where they gave a hint about them revealing their next generation of foldables. You can tune in to the next unpacked in Malaysia via the following links on 11th August 2021 at 10PM

Date: 11th August 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 10:00pm (Malaysia Time) 

Viewing Link: Malaysia YouTubeSamsung Malaysia Facebook and Samsung Malaysia Newsroom

In the meantime, you can also register your interest in the next Galaxy Unpacked and get an RM300 Samsung e-voucher which you can use to order the next Galaxy phone.