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Here are 7 places your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 doesn’t belong (but should be anyway)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 remains the premier lifestyle oriented foldable with its compact dimensions, flagship-grade hardware and its unique Flex mode that lets it stand halfway up to act as its own stand for almost infinite creative possibilities with its dual 12MP camera array from selfies to wefies and more. 

This triumph of design means that owners of the Galaxy Z Flip4 needn’t have to tote around a bulky, heavy tripod to get great shots anytime, anywhere. Unlike a traditional candybar shaped phone which needs a stand or – gasp – the need to be propped up to something or held by someone, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is its own stand. Beyond the usual locations where its innovative Flex mode comes into play, here are 7 places your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 doesn’t belong but should be anyway for major creative awesomeness that can earn you a slew of extra kudos on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Night

#1 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – On a Lazy Susan

While the Galaxy Z Flip4 traditionally dominates the vertical plane with its Flex mode that can go from 75 – 115 degrees, the nature of its design means that you’ll need a bit of help. Plonk it on a Lazy Susan – it’s that spinning thingy you see at restaurants – turn on video capture and spin it! You’ll get a full circle shot of everyone at the table in up to gorgeous 4K@60fps! Great for family gatherings and parties!

#2  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – On the Ground

The shape of a traditional candy bar phone means that it quite simply can’t do low angle photos and videos as doing so simply has you pointed the cameras straight up. Fortunately, the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes to save the day as its flexible FlexCam mode lets you plonk it on the ground and get pro-grade shots that a normally designed phone simply can’t achieve. The low angle also makes it absolutely fantastic for jumping shots but leave some distance between you and the phone when you attempt it though.

#3 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – Like a camcorder

The very nature of the Galaxy Z Flip4 means that it is ergonomically one of the most comfortable designs to use when recording video. When held sideways in Flex mode to record videos, the phone is held in a manner of a traditional camcorder which places less stress on the wrists while offering a more secure grip for longer, steadier shots. Extra points for looking like a pro too. It’s not James Cameron material yet but if you’re looking for the next judder-free, viral TIkTok video, this is the way to go.

#4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – On a Soccer Goalpost or at the Golfing Range

The unique nature of the Galaxy Z Flip’s FlexCam and its ability to film smooth footage on the go without the need for a tripod by simply folding it up halfway means that it’s perfect for aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen to record and improve their game. Slap it on the top of a goalpost with some double sided tape for good measure or just behind the goal itself and you can get fantastic action camera footage worthy of a FIFA action camera shot. For golfers, the Galaxy Z Flip’s cameras mean you can record in Super Slow-mo at the driving range to improve your strokes.

#5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – On or Beside Your Pet

Assuming you have a sufficiently large sized – and patient – pet like a cat or larger, you can attempt to stick your Galaxy Z Flip4 onto them with clingwrap and get some hilarious footage. Some measure of common sense is required here though and it’s simply not viable to stick the Galaxy Z Flip4 onto a smaller pet like a hamster or a gerbil. You’ll also need a fairly compliant pet – if they’re not comfortable with it, don’t force it. Instead, you can try leaving your phone up in Flex mode and leaving some of their favourite treats nearby to get some candid shots.

#6 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 -By or In The Pool

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has IPX8 water resistance which means that it’s able to survive in up to a metre of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. This allows it to make your day by or in the pool one to remember. Prop up the phone’s FlexCam near the pool or place it on a floating tray in the pool and get some fantastic shots and videos too.

#7 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – By a Window or On a Railing

Taking epic timelapses of city nightscapes or other landscapes requires patience and a tripod. Fortunately, the Galaxy Z Flip4’s built-in Flex mode means you only need the latter to get fantastic shots. Prop it up by a window or, assuming you’re sufficiently bold, by a railing and take advantage of Hyperlapse mode to capture Insta Worthy scenery.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is available nationwide in Malaysia and outside of these 7 scenarios that it shouldn’t be in but which you should do anyway, it’s still one of the best lifestyle foldables money can currently buy. For more details, check out Samsung’s official page at You can also check out our Galaxy Z Flip4 review here.

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