Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 cover

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Here’s how their Flagship Foldable Leads the Pack in Stylish Durability

Stylish design and durability typically aren’t features that appear side by side in a smartphone but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 embodies these qualities in every aspect of its design.

While much has been said of its potent array of hardware that include its exclusive Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor, generous 12GB RAM augmentable with an additional 8GB RAMPlus virtual RAM and up to 1TB storage to let it tackle any task (or game) asked of a phone or tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is a looker too with refinements that make it lighter and slimmer compared to its predecessors.

Samsung Flip Town Galaxy Z fold5

If you’re seeking style, durability and performance in a foldable flagship phone, here’s how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 leads the pack in stylish durability…

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Lighter and Slimmer than Ever

Compared to its predecessor the Galaxy Z Fold4, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is slimmer by 0.2mm, measuring in at 6.1mm thin when unfolded versus the Galaxy Z Fold4’s 6.3mm thin dimensions. When folded down, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is just 13.4mm thin versus the Galaxy Z Fold4’s 14.2mm size. Better yet, the new flagship foldable is also 10g lighter while offering superior performance too at 253g. Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold4 weighed in at 263g.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 angled

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Tough Armor Aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for greater all-around protection

When it comes to stylish durability, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 leads the pack as its chassis is made of Armor Aluminum, a proprietary amalgam of alloys unique to Samsung-issued phones that has improved resistance to scratches and dents compared to the conventional aluminium used in competing smartphones. Not only does Armor Aluminum protect the Galaxy Z Fold5, it is also used in its sibling the Galaxy Z Flip5 too. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 screen

In addition to tough Armor Aluminum, the front 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display as well as the backplate of the Galaxy Z Fold5 also features the latest, toughest grade of Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2 which has improved resistance against scratches and nicks. Lavished with this cutting-edge array of protective materials, the Galaxy Z Fold5 has greater all-around protection than ever before.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – IPX8 Water Resistance

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is one of the few foldables on the planet that has a solid IPX8 water resistance rating that allows it to shrug off rain, a rinse in the sink and even immersion in fresh water up to 1.5 metres deep for up to 30 minutes.

This robust water resistance means that the Galaxy Z Fold5 is able to keep pace even with the busiest lifestyles on the go. You can check out the official Samsung video below to see just how they test their foldables for service in the field.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Slimmer than ever Slim S Pen Case

Alongside the slimmer and lighter Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung has also created an accompanying optional Slim S Pen Case with a complementary S Pen stylus that is slimmer and thinner than ever to retain the svelte silhouette of their flagship foldable phone.

Available in Graphite, Icy Blue and a creamy shade of Sand, the Galaxy Z Fold5 Slim S Pen Case offers robust protection in an attractively slim design. It also hosts an external storage slot for the revamped S Pen stylus that is also slimmer and thinner than its predecessor used in the Galaxy Z Fold4 while retaining superior tactility with 4.096 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure a tactile writing experience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 slim s pen case

In Malaysia, the Slim S Pen Case is available for RM399 which includes the case and revamped S Pen stylus in one stylish package. You can check out our review of the case here to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 – Redesigned Flex Hinge

One of the key aspects to creating a slimmer Galaxy Z Fold5 is the integration of a redesigned Flex hinge that is not only slimmer and more efficient but also enables the phone itself to be thinner too while retaining the Galaxy Z Fold series’ renowned Flex mode that lets the main 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLEd 2X Infinity Flex display stand up in a halfway-folded position between 75-115 degrees for enhanced functionality especially for making video calls and as a stand for capturing rich videos and photos. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 vs Fold4

The redesigned Flex Hinge of the new Galaxy Z Fold5 allows it to enjoy almost no gap when closed unlike the Galaxy Z Fold4 which still has a slight gap when closed.

Not only is the new redesigned Flex Hinge used in the Galaxy Z Fold5 slimmer, it also enables the phone to fold without a gap to further enhance the Fold5’s stylishly fashionable silhouette even when folded down. Better yet, the hinge itself is rated and tested to survive over 200,000 open and closing motions which enables it to last for many years of usage.

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 in Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is available in your choice of Icy Blue, Phantom Black and Cream colourways nationwide at all Samsung Experience stores and authorised retailers with the 256GB version retailing for RM6,799, the 512GB for RM7,299 and the 1TB version for RM8,299. If you purchase it at the Samsung Online store, you can acquire it in online-exclusive Gray and Blue colourways on top of the aforementioned trio of general issue colours.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 colours

For a limited time, you’re also able to enjoy up to RM1,796 in terms of free gifts and additional bonuses that include a free Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth 40mm worth RM899 as well as up to RM600 in rebates if you trade in another phone when purchasing the Galaxy Z Fold5. 

If you’re eyeing the top of the line Galaxy Z Fold5 1TB variant and aren’t too keen on the free gifts, you can forgo them and use the code ZFOLD1000 to enjoy a huge RM1,000 discount off the price of purchase, effectively knocking it down to the price of a 512GB variant.

This code is only available when you purchase it on the Samsung online store before 30th September 2023. You can also check out our Galaxy Z Fold5 review here. If you’re keen on the design philosophy of their flagship foldable, you can check out our exclusive interview with its creators at Galaxy Unpacked 2023 here. For more details, check out the official Samsung online store at