Samsung The Wall cover

Massive Samsung The Wall display and Odyssey Ark gaming monitors now available in Malaysia

If big is best, you will absolutely adore the new Samsung The Wall All-In-One display as well as the Odyssey Ark gaming monitor, both of which are now available in Malaysia though you’d best have a credit card with a suitably massive spending limit.


@hitechcentury Massive, large and in charge. Ballpark prices are six digits and up for this 146-inch display that offers gorgeous colours and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. @Samsung Malaysia #thewall #fyp #samsung #malaysia #tech #hitechcentury ♬ I Really Want to Stay at Your House – Rosa Walton & Hallie Coggins

Samsung The Wall – What is it?

The Samsung The Wall all-in-one display is effectively a micro LED display that is primarily intended for enterprise use. In Malaysia, Samsung is issuing The Wall all-in-one displays in a 110-inch 2K variant as well as a larger 146-inch variant with either 2K or 4K resolution.

Samsung The Wall gaming

Needless to say, playing Warzone on this will be an absolute blast as will watching movies and other content. Regardless of variant, all of Samsung’s The Wall displays have a 120Hz refresh rate, feature their Black Seal tech for deeper blacks, Ultra Chroma tech to produce RGB hues more accurately than conventional LEDs to the tune of a rich 99% DCI-P3 and have a Micro AI processor to remove noise and enhance image contrast. 

Samsung The Wall colours

In Malaysia, the 110-inch 2K variant retails for a staggering RM495,543. That’s not a typo, that’s literally the price of a house right there. Next up, the 146-inch 2K variant of The Wall costs a heart-stopping RM707,132. Assuming you have won the lottery and have no idea what to spend it on, you can get the 146-inch 4K The Wall variant which costs over a million bucks at RM1,229,419.

Samsung Odyssey Ark – What is it?

A more adroit relative of the Odyssey G9 Neo that we reviewed awhile back, the 55-inch Odyssey Ark is a gaming display with a 1000R curvature and the innate ability to rotate vertically for the ultimate web browsing or Candy Crush experience.

You’ll have to do it manually though as the mechanism itself requires muscle power for it to move but the sheer multitasking potential of the display is magnified by its ability to split it virtually into four separate feeds in landscape mode and three when placed vertically.

Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor

Compared to the sheer majesty and daunting price tag of The Wall displays, the Odyssey Ark is available for a downright reasonable RM13,999.

Both displays are available for viewing at the Senheng x Samsung Experience Store at the Four Seasons Place. For more details on both displays, you can check out Samsung’s official pages about The Wall and the Odyssey Ark.