Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 Neo QLED 8k TV

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 reveals huge Neo QLED 8K TV line-up and more

In the live streamed Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 event, the brand revealed to the world their latest 2023 line-up of Neo QLED 8K TVs, OLED Tvs, sound bars, monitors and much more with enhancements to visual quality, connectivity and sustainability with an emphasis to making the new range an intuitively seamless addition to anyone’s home and lifestyle.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 12 - Samsung OLED

Here’s the broad scope of top level updates of Samsung’s diverse range of visual and audio tech revealed at Unbox & Discover 2023…

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 – Enhanced Samsung SmartThings

Of particular emphasis with the new line-up of TVs is enhanced SmartThings functionality that enables users to effortlessly connect devices – not just phones, tablets and what not but also other Samsung appliances like air conditioners, dryers, fridges and more – in an effortlessly easy step.

To make it even easier, selected Samsung devices like Samsung Smart TVs can act as IoT hubs and to ensure security and peace of mind, Samsung Knox Vault hardware chips that have a CC EL 6+ certification encrypt all information from connected devices for added peace of mind for users.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 smartthings

One of the major issues with many budding IoT owners is the fact that connected devices in homes are rarely all from the same brand. To address that, Samsung SmartThings enables devices from any brand to work seamlessly together via the Home Connectivity Alliance and the International IoT communication standard Matter which involves more than 220 affiliated companies to create a truly wide network of compatible gear. 

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 – Improved Sustainability at every stage of the product life cycle

It’s a fact that we only live on the same planet and Samsung is committed to enhancing sustainability in every meaningful way at every stage of a product’s lifecycle from production to end of life years later. 

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 sustainability

To that end, Samsung’s TVs, monitors and remote control line-up for 2023 all use recycled resin mate from 50% recycled materials, use fewer materials in packaging while ensuring that existing products and packaging can be upcycled.

That’s not all as Samsung has also developed an innovative AI Energy Mode that monitors energy consumption to enable users to more effectively manage usage patterns along with a new generation of solar-powered SolarCell remote controls that mitigate the need to swap out batteries.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 – Upgraded Accessibility and Performance

On top of the customary enhances to brightness, sharpness and performance, Samsung’s new 2023 line-up of QN80C, QN90C, QN800C and QN900C offer a Relumino mode that helps those with visual impairments watch TV in an easier fashion with brighter outlines and more illuminated images onscreen.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 relumino

Relumino mode aside, the new Samsung QLED 8K TV line-up as the mammoth QN900C sitting at the top of the totem pole with Auto HDR Remastering, 8K AI upscaling and more including Neural Quantum Processor 4K’s perceptional colour mapping to create the world’s first Pantone-validated HDR OLED displays.

Samsung Unbox & Discover 2023 13 - Samsung OLED Pantone

Naturally, all those luscious videos aren’t just for watching Netflix and the new line-u also offers optimisations for gaming too to ensure smoother visuals onscreen.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 Neo QLED 8k TV

On top of QLED 8K TVs, Samsung also revealed the new Neo G9 dual UHD resolution display, the 55-inch curved Odyssey Ark display for multitasking duties. You can catch a recap of the Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 live stream at Samsung Malaysia’s official YouTube page here.

Samsung Unbox and Discover 2023 14 - Gaming Odyssey G9