sonos era 300 white

Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 Malaysia preorders live; Powerful yet compact wireless speakers from RM1,599

The new Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 wireless smart speakers are officially coming to Malaysia with the former priced at RM2,799 and the latter at RM,1599. Starting today, preorders are now available for both wireless speakers with a street date of 28th March 2023.

Sonos Era 300

While both new Era series speakers share a similar name, they both have radically different designs with the smaller Era 100 featuring a traditional cylindrical design while the larger Sonos Era 300 is not only larger but features an unusual hourglass design that’s unlike anything else in the market to offer better sound dispersion and a more immersive sound stage along with Spatial Audio tech. Up top, the Sonos Era 300 features a set of touch controls and a Bluetooth pairing button as well as a USB-C port in the back with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity available.

In terms of design, the hourglass-shaped Era 300 features six class-D amplifiers – one-forward firing, one upward-firing and two side-firing tweeters for a total of four tweeters and a pair of woofers that fire to the left and right sides. The Sonos Era 300 also packs a far-field microphone array for multichannel echo cancellation and advanced beamforming technology as well as Android-friendly Trueplay tuning tech.

sonos era 300 white

Prior to this, a Sonos user who used an Android smartphone or tablet would have had to borrow a mate’s iPhone to optimise their home sound setup as it only worked with Cupertino-issued gear. The Era 300 now allows someone with an Android smartphone to enjoy the full benefits of Trueplay tech to optimise their sound setup.

sonos era 300 home theatre

On paper, two Era 300 speakers can be paired with an Arc or Sonos Beam Gen 2 to create a vivid Dolby Atmos experience. In Malaysia, the Sonos Era 300 will retail for RM2,799 in your choice of a black or white paint job and is now available on preorder with a street date of 28th March 2023.

Sonos Era 100 

The cylindrical-shaped Sonos Era 100 is an upgunned, refined version of the earlier Sonos One which packs a trio of Class-D amplifiers with a large mid-woofer and two side-firing tweeters while a set of touch controls are available up top. The Sonos Era 100 also has Android Trueplay support though it lacks the Spatial Audio tech of its larger Era 300 sibling. WiFi and Bluetooth come as standard and a pair of Sonos Era 100 speakers can be used as rear setups for a Sonos home theatre setup. 

sonos era 100 black

In Malaysia, the Sonos Era 100 costs RM1,599 with the same preorder and street dates as the Sonos Era 300 – you can buy it at the Sonos concept store at Starhill Gallery on 28th Gallery 2023 or online at their website.