Stylish new SteelSeries Alias Pro microphone for streamers gets your groove on for RM1,799 1

Stylish new SteelSeries Alias Pro microphone for streamers gets your groove on for RM1,799

Nothing buggers up a live stream faster than wonky or poor quality audio especially for those who stream games and podcasters. For those looking to address their dodgy audio situation, the SteelSeries Alias Pro and Alias microphones are now available in Malaysia along with SteelSeries’ own Sonar for Streamers sound studio software to offer great sound quality.

SteelSeries Alias Pro, Alias and Sonar for Streamers app details

The SteelSeries Alias Pro microphone is an XLR microphone with the ability to offer up 24bit/48kHz audio and also packs an XLR Stream Mixer command station that offers audio mixing controls and XLR amplification while featuring a pair of USB ports to allow for dual PC streaming. In Malaysia, the SteelSeries Alias Pro retails for RM1,799.

For those on a tighter budget, the SteelSeries Alias microphone offers professional sound for streamers with 24bit/48kHz audio quality, ditches the command station and is more blinged up with downward-facing 5-stage LED lighting that’s customisable to taste along with a helpful ‘X’ icon when the stream is muted. In Malaysia, the Alias microphone retails for RM1,099.

steelseries alias pro and alias microphone art AB

The Steelseries Alias microphone (left) has customisable RGB lighting while the Alias Pro (right) has a command station and two USB ports for dual PC streaming capabilities

In essence, the SteelSeries Sonar for Streamers app is free studio-grade software that offers 10-band Parametric EQ with broadcast presets, audio routing, precision tuning and mixing, Clearcast AI noise cancellation, Compressor and Limiter options as well as compatibility with the usual video streaming apps like OBS and Streamlabs. You can check out the SteelSeries Sonar app at Both Alias series microphones are available online at Shopee and Lazada.

steelseries alias microphone

The more affordable SteelSeries Alias is easily identifiable from its higher end Alias Pro sibling via its customisable RGB lighting