Dyson Zone air purifying headphones arriving in January 2023 in selected markets

dyson zone 1

Originally announced awhile back, the Dyson Zone air purifying headphones will be officially available for sale next year in selected regions.  Dyson Zone Availability and Price According to Dyson, the new Zone headphones will launch first in China in January 2023 and in March 2023 in Hong Kong SAR, SIngapore, US and the UK. What…

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Here’s how the Dyson Zone air purifying headphones were created

Dyson zone air purifying headphones

Announced to the world just a few short minutes ago, the Dyson Zone is the brand’s first foray into personal wearables for the new normal. Combining an air purifier and a pair of noise cancelling headphones into one wearable form factor, the Dyson Zone is unlike anything ever made or issued in the company’s inventory…

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New Dyson Zone air purifying headphones redefine wearables by delivering pure air and personalised sound 

Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer Dyson Zone launch 2

Mention Dyson and the first thing that comes to mind is likely their cordless vacuums and their peerless haircare range but they’re now staking a claim to a new category with their new Dyson Zone air purifying headphones that combine elements of a portable air purifier and premium headphones into one unique form factor. “Air…

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