GXBank bank app now in beta, downloadable to limited Malaysian users

GXBank App key visual

If you’re in the market, so to speak, for another bank, you’ll appreciate the fact that GXBank, Malaysia’s first digital bank, is offering sign-ups to a limited number of Malaysian users as they gradually roll out their app in the country. What is GXBank In essence, GXBank is a digital bank with transactions primarily conducted…

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Razer Pay eWallet is ending its beta phase and shutting down by 30 September

Razer Pay eWallet cover

Razer has announced that they will be ending their Razer Pay eWallet services with the beta phase of the programme ending by 30th September 2021.  The announcement of cessation of services for Razer Pay eWallet was made on their website where the brand stated that the Razer Pay (Beta) phase has ended and that the…

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Overbooked on a flight in Malaysia? Here’s what you need to know

Overbooked on a flight in Malaysia? Here's what you need to know 1

So you’ve booked your flight tickets, had a smooth ride to the airport and arrived a good two hours before boarding time. Then, somehow, you were told that your seat is no longer available. The infamous United Airlines fiasco brought to light the ‘take any measures necessary’ approach airlines can make in the event of…

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