Kaspersky Unified Monitoring and Analysis solution launched in Malaysia for enhanced cybersecurity

Kaspersky Unified Monitoring and Analysis KUMA cover

Organisations are increasingly having to deal with multiple potential threat vectors and cybersecurity incidents ranging from phishing attacks to potential malware injections from compromised hardware or a security misstep by an unwary employee. To make matters worse, cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and volume to the point that they number in the millions. In 2023,…

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Cyberattacks on ICT supply chains on the rise; cyber resiliency initiatives needed says Kaspersky

kaspersky cyber resiliency

According to cybersecurity provider Kaspersky, cyberattacks on information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains are on the rise with the potential to cause massive damage to governments, companies and people at large.  One potentially successful attack doesn’t just end there as malicious actors can potentially use that one backdoor to penetrate other connected systems and…

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Kaspersky appoints Sandra Lee as APAC leader

Kaspersky appoints Sandra Lee

Renowned cybersecurity outfit Kaspersky has just announced that Sandra Lee has been appointed as Managing Director for their Asia Pacific arm, taking over from Chris Connell  who has passed the torch and who is now based in Singapore as Vice President for Global Sales Network at Kaspersky. In his new role as VP for Global…

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Kaspersky 7th Cybersecurity Weekend delves into the APAC banking trojan outbreak

Kaspersky APAC Banking trojan outbreak cover

The recently concluded Kaspersky 7th Cybersecurity Weekend that was conducted virtually online and saw a collection of global experts from the globally renowned cybersecurity provider as well as journalists and invited guests delving into the current state of the digital cybersecurity landscape in regards to electronic payments and, in particular, the APAC banking trojan outbreak.…

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Threat Intelligence needs to rise to the challenge with increase in financial transactions in Southeast Asia, says Kaspersky

kaspersky threat intelligence cover image

If there’s one thing that Malaysians do well, besides being foodies one and all, it’s shopping and with the ongoing pandemic, most Malaysians are conducting more of their financial transactions online to buy groceries, pay bills and more.  Based on the MasterCard impact Study 2020, Malaysia led Southeast Asia in e-wallet use at 40% compared…

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Kaspersky shares tips on keeping you and your #DuitRaya safe

kaspersky duit raya cover

The pandemic has changed how we celebrate our Hari Raya and other festivals as the inability to travel and social distancing have caused a gradual change over to cashless payments in lieu of the traditional #DuitRaya. According to the Mastercard Impact Study 2020, Malaysia is in the lead in Southeast Asia for digital wallet adoption…

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Cybercriminals leveraging pandemic news to attack banks and financial services in SEA, says Kaspersky

kaspersky cybercriminals space

We may be in the middle of a pandemic but according to Kaspersky, cybersecurity professionals can’t seem to catch a break as the usual suspects are taking advantage of the situation to target banking and financial services in Southeast Asia. “It is becoming clear that these threat actors will keep on using topics related with…

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Top experts at Kaspersky Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hash out cyberdefence strategies for APAC

Top experts at Kaspersky Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hash out cyberdefence strategies for APAC 1

The recently concluded Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hosted by cybersecurity company Kaspersky saw a host of the region’s most prominent experts and policy makers across Asia meeting virtually to share thoughts, ideas and solutions based on the overarching topic of “Guardians of the Cyberspace: can justice always prevail?” Hosted and opened by the…

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Kaspersky Security Network reports huge 33% spike in web threats in Malaysia in 2020

kaspersky network security

With the ongoing pandemic, most organisations are reporting a shift towards employees working from home but with it also comes a host of new challenges as Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) reports a 33% rise in web threats in Malaysia in 2020. For the uninitiated, Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a complex distributed infrastructure that combines…

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Cyberpunk 2077 mobile version is dangerous malware – TLDR don’t download it!

cyberpunk 2077 mobile malware

Cyberpunk 2077 the game is many things. A gaming tour de force that’s been years in the making. A bug laden mess of a game that’s available on almost every major game known to man. However, what it is not is that there is no mobile version of the game on Android or iOS but…

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