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Here’s 3 reasons why the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector offers amazing value for schools and businesses in the new normal

Online remote meetings are part and parcel of the new normal though companies and academic institutions alike have found that in-person presentations remain the most effective means of disseminating knowledge be it for training, classes or a presentation for the next big thing which is where the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector comes into the picture. 

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What is the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector?

Featuring a unique design that ensures effective performance, long-term cost savings and minimal maintenance, the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector is ideally suited for the needs of schools and businesses in Malaysia adapting to the new normal.

Implementing ViewSonic’s efficient third generation LED technology, the LS500WHE LED projector is capable of projecting up a vibrant 100-inch image at WXGA (1,200 x 1080 pixels) while ensuring superbly rich colour rendition on account of SuperColor+ Technology.

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Its compact and sturdy build also enables it to easily be transported to various meetings and classrooms as needed. For permanent setups like lecture theatres or dedicated meeting rooms an optional ceiling mount is available. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what this compact workhorse has to offer as it has a plethora of efficient and cost saving features that actually make it cheaper to use and own over time. Here’s 3 reasons why the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector offers amazing value for schools and businesses in the new normal

ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector – Maintenance Free Performance for More Than 20 Years

The LS500WHE LED projector makes use of Viewsonic’s refined third generation LED technology that is not only mercury free but also offers reliable, maintenance-free performance without the need for costly and frequent lamp replacement unlike older competing models.

The sheer efficiency of LED technology means that the projector is rated for more than 30,000 hours of use before actually requiring a replacement. Assuming an average use of 4 hours per day, the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector is capable of offering more than 20 years of use. The use of efficient LED technology also ensures that the LS500WHE is able to offer 50% more energy savings than a competing lamp-based projector over time which translates to even more cost savings.

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To ensure longer service life, the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector also has a vaunted IP5X rating which means that it’s effectively dustproof. This is on account of an advanced process that seals the optical engine to ensure no dust ingress which could potentially affect the thermal system without compromising performance.

ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector – Enhanced 3,000 ANSI Lumens brightness and Cinema SuperColor+ for Amazing Presentations every time

When presentations or classes need to be impactful, the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector is the right tool for the job as its third generation LED technology is capable of offering an enhanced 3,000 ANSI Lumens to ensure that images and footage are crisp and clear even in dimly lit environments. 

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That’s not all as the projector features ViewSonic’s exclusive Cinema SuperColor+ Technology that is capable of covering 125% of the Re.709 wide colour gamut in order to deliver deep, rich and luscious colour rendition as intended by a director to make any presentation or video come to life. Naturally, this ability to serve up lusciously vivid imagery also makes it fantastic for entertainment duties like watching movies too! Popcorn not provided.

ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector – Effortlessly Easy Setup and Maintenance

Getting the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector set up for a presentation is as easy as it gets as it features horizontal and vertical keystone correction, 360-degree ration of the projector to project an image almost anywhere including walls and ceilings along with a novel 4-corner adjustment feature to ensure that you get a clean, square and perfectly proportioned image each and every time. 

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The unique design of the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector enables it to rotate and project a clean image on any flat surface including the walls, ceiling and floor!

There’s no wait times either as the LS500WHE is able to turn on almost instantly in just 3 seconds and achieve full brightness without any lengthy cooling period so that you and your audience can get to work the moment you flip the switch. 

Updating the firmware for the LS500WHE is just as easy as all you need is a USB cable and your laptop to download and install an update without the need for a dedicated technician or maintenance visit. 

Where to buy the ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector in Malaysia?

The ViewSonic LS500WHE LED projector is available nationwide in Malaysia priced at RM3,999 at all good retailers and from ViewSonic’s online store at Lazada here at For more details, please visit ViewSonic’s official Malaysia website at

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