Here’s the technology behind the flagship vivo X100 Pro with ZEISS optics that take smartphone photography to the next level 1

Here’s the technology behind the flagship vivo X100 Pro with ZEISS optics that take smartphone photography to the next level

It has been said that the best camera you have is the one on you and in that regard, the convenience and sleek form factor of a smartphone camera is the perfect choice for many as advances in technology have enabled smartphone cameras to potentially have the imaging performance of a powerful DSLR in a convenient, pocket-sized form factor. For those seeking next-generation image quality, the new vivo X100 series of smartphones that have just arrived in Malaysia come to the fore.

Consisting of the top of the line vivo X100 Pro as well as the mainline vivo X100, the new vivo X100 series incorporate the latest cutting edge imaging technologies including a dedicated image signal processor that works in tandem with customised AI algorithms to enhance and optimise images. 

As their top of the line model, the vivo X100 Pro features the best imaging technologies that vivo and ZEISS can muster shoehorned into a chassis that’s a mere 8.9mm thin. While it certainly draws the eye on account of its exquisite design, the vivo X100 Pro leverages ZEISS’s mastery in professional camera lenses and culls DSLR-grade hardware to offer imaging performance that’s ahead of the competition.

What gives the vivo X100 Pro the edge in imaging performance?

As their premier design, the vivo X100 Pro features a potent triple 50MP rear camera array with the primary 50MP camera featuring a large 1.0” Sony IMX989 sensor paired with optical image stabilisation and a time-of-flight sensor along with a 50MP optically stabilised telephoto sensor with with ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto lenses and a 50MP ultrawide angle sensor to handle almost any conceivable image scenario. 

vivo x100 pro camera setup

For the uninitiated, the ZEISS Apochromatic Lens (APO) Floating Telephoto camera in the vivo X100 Pro uses a uniquely designed segmented periscope structure in its design to enable powerful optical zoom in a compact space while the APO lenses ensure outstanding colour correction capabilities that minimise the usual chromatic aberrations while also enhancing image quality. 

vivo x100 pro zeiss apo telephoto camera array

The vivo X100 Pro and its sibling the vivo X100 are also able to capture better sunset and sunrise shots thanks to an enhanced vivo Origin Imaging engine that has been optimised for capturing crisp, vibrant and clear images of the sun with realistic hues and a more accurate spherical shape, clear skies without noise or colour blocks 

Another classic problem that many smartphone camera users face is in taking clear shots especially in low light conditions or when a subject is backlit which typically results in a smudged mess. The vivo X100 Pro addresses this problem with a special ZEISS T-Coating on its sensors that reduces light reflections while enhancing colour reproduction to ensure clearer, more natural shots even at night or with a backlit subject. 

Seeing as portraiture is one of the most popular and timeless subjects in smartphone photography, the vivo X100 Pro also hosts ZEISS Multifocal Portrait mode which supports five golden focal lengths of 24mm (1x), 35mm (1.5x), 50mm (2.2x) 85mm (3.7x) and 100mm (4.3x) to tackle almost all conceivable scenarios encountered in portrait photography including everyday life and travel photography scenarios too. Better yet, ZEISS Multifocal Portrait Mode also offers a host of recommended style and colour options for a truly personalised aesthetic to make each and every shot unique and memorable.

vivo x100 pro multifocal portrait

For those seeking to take beautiful shots of the night sky, the vivo X100 Pro also features a unique Handheld Astro mode that works in tandem with a tripod and as little light pollution as possible to get gorgeous shots of the stars.

vivo X100 Pro – Powerful imaging performance personified

On top of offering stunning image quality, the vivo X100 series are potent flagships in every way that feature a luscious 6.78-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with 1,260 x 2,800 pixels resolution and 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut support for faithfully accurate colour rendition which is critical for content creators. 

Powering both the vivo X100 Pro and vivo X100 is the latest Mediatek Dimensity 9300 octacore processor that’s built on a 4nm process that is capable of tackling demanding games and serious multitasking too with a generous 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage to save plenty of memories, games and much more. 

vivo x100 pro processor

To further enhance image quality, the vivo X100 Pro hosts the latest V3 image signal processing (ISP) in tandem with custom AI algorithms that enhances image sharpness and detail while retaining lifelike colour reproduction and luscious 4K CInematic video as well as the option for a silky smooth Super Resolution mode for gaming. The mainstream vivo X100 uses the proven vivo X2 ISP that offers an excellent blend of performance, value and power efficiency.

vivo x100 pro battery

Seeing the extensive power demands necessary for extended photo taking sessions, the vivo X100 Pro hosts a large 5,400mAh battery with 100W FlashCharge fast charge support, allowing it to get a full charge in just 33 minutes and a 50% charge in just 14 minutes as well as fast wireless charging support. Better yet, the phone can still be used for up to an hour even with just 10% remaining on the battery. The vivo X100 hosts a slightly smaller 5,000mAh battery with even faster 120W wired charging for fast top-ups on the go.

vivo X100 series – Distinctively elegant Sun Halo design

Every aspect of the vivo X100 series has been designed to offer a superior user experience with its chassis having been painstakingly crafted to the same exquisite standards of quality and perfection. To offer maximum protection to its precision-machined ZEISS camera array, the vivo X100 series features integrally cut 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protecting each camera lens. 

For superior tactility and elegance, the chassis of the vivo X100 series features a distinctive Sun Halo design which has tiny striations engraved in the backplate that resemble stylised circles of light centred around the rear camera housing finished in your choice of a luxurious Startrail Blue or elegant Asteroid Black

vivo x 100 Pro and vivo X100 availability

The vivo X100 Pro with 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage is available nationwide in Malaysia priced at RM4,599 while the vivo X100 with 16GB RAM and 256GB storage is also available nationwide priced at RM3,499.

vivo x100 pro features

vivo x100 features

Both the vivo X100 Pro and vivo X100 come in either Startrail Blue or Asteroid Black colourways. To find out more and to purchase the new vivo X100 Pro and vivo X100, check out their official website at 

Vivo X100 Pro Malaysia poster