CASETiFY Ultra Bounce

CASETiFY Ultra Bounce Case for iPhone 15 and Bounce Bands for Apple Watch now available

The Apple iPhone 15 will be available in Malaysia in the near future and ahead of its arrival casing purveyor CASETiFY are launching their new CASETiFY Ultra Bounce case that aims to protect your upcoming investment in as secure a fashion as possible. 

What is the CASETiFY Ultra Bounce Case

The CASETiFY Ultra Bounce case is rated to protect an iPhone 15 series phone from a whopping 10 metres in a single drop on account of its rugged 6-layer Rugged Protection System that includes Ultra Bounce corners on each corner of the phone casing that have compression ribs with air cavities that work as shock absorbers to mitigate the impact from a fall. 

CASETiFY Ultra Bounce (2)

Additional protective features in the CASETiFY include a triple layer of Ecoshock protective material on the inner sides of the case and backplate while retaining full MagSafe compatibility with a host of selectable names, colours and fonts on the CASETiFY website.

In order to ensure every aspect of the iPhone 15 is protected, the CASETiFY Ultra Bounce casings also has a 1.2mm raised camera ring and a built-in 2.2mm raised lens cover to ensure the rear camera array can survive an impact.

CASETiFY Ultra Bounce (1)

To wit, the Ultra Bounce case itself is officially rated for STD-810G levels of protection and has been tested to survive 260 drops from all possible angles. At present, the CASETiFY Ultra Bounce Case is available for all iPhone 15 series variants and costs USD$110. 

What else does CASETiFY have for the iPhone 15 series?

Also available is the more affordable if slightly less protective CASETiFY Bounce Case that is rated to survive 6.5 metre droops on account of its simpler-designed Bounce Corners. This version retails for USD$90.

CASETiFY Impact Ring Stand_Bounce_Ultra Bounce

Also available is a CASETiFY Impact Ring Stand Case with a fold out kickstand that also protects the rear camera while featuring up to 2 metres of drop protection for USD$80.

CASETiFY Impact Ring Stand Case

Another offering from CASETiFY that’s now available for sale are their new watch bands for the Apple Watch Series 9 with the Bounce Band using fluoroelastomer rubber for comfortable all-day wear for USD$69. Another available design is the Impact Band for USD$50. 

To check out the new CASETiFY collection, saunter on over to their official site at