dell powerstore, powermax and powerflex upgrades dell technologies

Dell Technologies leads the pack with innovative upgrades for Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex storage solutions

Dell is best known for their range of consumer and corporate related laptops but they’re also one of the most reputable brands today for enterprise storage solutions. In a briefing to invited guests, Dell Technologies shared the nuts and bolts of the latest upgrades for their Dell PowerStore, Dell PowerMax and Dell PowerFlex services to offer efficient multi-cloud data control and faster data insights at no extra cost.

According to Dell Technologies, they’ve committed over 500 software upgrades to their Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex portfolio to drive software-driven storage  innovation. 

Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex updates

For Dell PowerStore 3.0, the new raft of 120 new software upgrades will offer up a 50% mixed workload performance boost, 66% greater capacity, enhanced networking speeds , along with secure file workloads with file level retention, native file replication and support for third-party file monitoring and ransomware protection. Dell PowerStore’s latest enhancements also offer improved vVols latency and performance including easier disaster recovery with VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) replication

In terms of upgrades to Dell PowerMax, their mission-critical storage solution, now offers up to 65 million secure snapshots for faster cyber recovery and efficiency, 50% better response times in application and mainframe environments in two new NVMe-based PowerMax models as well as a robust 4:1 data reduction guarantee.

Additional enhancements to Dell PowerMax include automated storage operations to optimise workloads, health monitoring and multi-array smart provisioning, easier restoration of cloud-based object storage data, faster cloud snapshot shipping and recovery, cyber vaults for mainframe and traditional deployments and a predictive CloudIQ to detect cyberattacks earlier for faster recovery.

Dell Technologies has also added a raft of enhancements for Dell PowerFlex that now offers new file services that enable unified block and file capabilities on a single platform, easier multi-cloud and DevOps with file and block support for the vast majority of Kubernetes and container platforms including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE and VMware. Dell PowerFlex also enables easier deployments through NVME-over-TCP connectivity while offering revamped PowerFlex Manager to efficiently manage compute, storage and system lifecycle operations.

We see from industry data that at least 65% of Asia Pacific GDP will be digitised by the end of 2022 and this will result in USD$1.2 trillion dollars in digital transformation investment from now till 2023,” said Mak Chin Wah, Country Manager, Malaysia and General Manager, Telecoms Systems Business, South Asia, Dell Technologies.

The key challenges to a positive digital transformation journey are addressing the challenges of ageing infrastructure, the need need to implement better agility for modern workloads, more seamless data and application management as well as how to best support rapid data growth which is where our software-driven storage innovation for our storage portfolio across Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex will help to empower more organisations in their digital transformation journey,” adds Mak.

Mak Chin Wah, Country Manager, Malaysia and General Manager, Telecoms Systems Business, South Asia, Dell Technologies Dell powerstore, powermax and powerflex

Mak Chin Wah, Country Manager, Malaysia and General Manager, Telecoms Systems Business, South Asia, Dell Technologies sharing insights on the latest upgrades to Dell PowerStore, PowerfFex and PowerMax

The new upgrades to Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex are slated for deployment in Q3 2022. For more details, check out Dell Technologies official page for Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex. If you’re more keen on Dell Technologies’s more mainstream solutions like their laptops, you can check out our prior feature on their Latitude 7330 and Precision 5470 laptop showcase here.