Dell Latitude 9330 2 in 1 Review – Classy and cool convertible means business

Dell Latitude 9330 2 in 1 Review cover

When it comes to crafting premium business laptops, Dell has refined it into an art. Their latest Latitude 9330 convertible takes a leaf from its predecessors like the earlier Latitude 9550 and comes with superior craftsmanship and features that aim to make it the preferred laptop for the corporate elite. We’ve managed to get our…

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Dell Technologies’ revamped Concept Nyx gaming controller at CES 2023 aims to take gaming to new heights

dell concept nyx 3

Last year, Dell Technologies debuted Concept Nyx, a conceptual gaming design that lets you play games on any display in your home off a game server. For CES 2023, they’ve refined the concept further with a wireless controller capable of tackling gaming with deft aplomb while being customisable to boot. What is Concept Nyx? The…

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There’s value in e-waste says Christopher Quirk from Dell Technologies

ewaste value Christopher Quirk, SVP of Professional Consulting and Managed Services

Look around you and odds are you’ll encounter a ton of obsolete or useless electronics that are simply lying fallow around your home – that old phone that gave up the ghost last Christmas, that old video player when VCR was a thing, old fitness bands where the strap broke and you never got around…

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Dell Technologies expands cybersecurity services portfolio with US DoD approved Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies has carved a solid reputation for itself over the years when it comes to offering cutting-edge computing solutions like their XPS series ultraportables as well as their storage and cloud solutions. Now, they’re expanding their presence in cybersecurity as they’ve established a secure data centre to validate Zero Trust use cases at the…

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Dell Technologies leads the pack with innovative upgrades for Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex storage solutions

dell powerstore, powermax and powerflex upgrades dell technologies

Dell is best known for their range of consumer and corporate related laptops but they’re also one of the most reputable brands today for enterprise storage solutions. In a briefing to invited guests, Dell Technologies shared the nuts and bolts of the latest upgrades for their Dell PowerStore, Dell PowerMax and Dell PowerFlex services to…

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Dell Technologies showcases Latitude 7330 Ultralight and Precision 5470 laptops with enhanced Dell Optimizer AI and TechDirect enterprise solution for Malaysia

Dell Latitude 7330 and Precision 5470 launch

Dell Technologies showcased their latest commercial laptops today for commercial and enterprise applications in a briefing for invited guests dubbed the ‘Bring The Latest Innovation To Your Hybrid Work’ where they demonstrated the new Latitude and Precision line-ups spearheaded by the Latitude 7330 Ultralight and Precision 5470 laptops.  The new Latitude and Precision range also…

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New Dell Asset Recovery Services helps sustainably retire IT in Malaysia

dell asset recovery services 1

Time, tide and tech obsolescence waits for no man and the inevitable advancement of technology frequently leaves a lot of IT waste over the years for many companies with heaps of obsolete servers, desktops, laptops and whatnot gathering dust with no way to responsibly or sustainably dispose of them. Until now that is as Dell…

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Dell Concept Luna takes the idea of a repairable laptop to new heights

Dell Concept Luna cover

In the present day, product design for laptops, PCs and other electronics by many major brands tend to discourage self repair or upgrade options and once they become obsolete, there’s few options to recycle or repurpose them short of dismantling them for valuable metals. Over the years, this concept of product design has resulted in…

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Dell Technologies says these 3 things are needed for a successful hybrid workforce

dell tech hybrid workforce

At the onset of the pandemic in early 2020 as the world grappled with lockdowns, organisations and people started working from home. Now, as lockdowns are being rescinded and the world is gradually returning to some sense of normalcy, companies are gradually introducing options for employees to return to the office in tandem with working…

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Mak Chin Wah takes the reins as Dell Technologies Country Manager for Malaysia

Mak Chin Wah dell technologies

Dell Technologies has conducted a changing of the guard in Malaysia as Mak Chin Wah has been appointed as Country Manager for Malaysia, taking over the role from KT Ong who will move on to other challenges after a decade with Dell Technologies. With over 12 years of experience, Mak is ideally suited to guide…

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