Dell Pro WL5024 art 1

New AI-driven Dell Pro WL5024 and WH5024 headsets now in Malaysia from RM640

Video and voice calls are part and parcel of modern working life be it in the office or working remotely though effective communication is often stymied by a lack of dedicated hardware designed specifically for hybrid work environments  which is where the new AI-driven Dell Pro WL5024 wireless headset and WH5024 wired headsets from Dell Technologies come into the picture.

Dell Pro WL5024 and WH5024 specs and price in Malaysia

Both the Dell Pro WL5024 and WH5024 have similar on-ear designs that use 40mm drivers ensconced in plushly upholstered cans as well as a flip down boom mic but differ in the sense that the WL5024 is a wireless model with a few more premium features while the WH5024 is a more affordable wired variant.

dell pro WL5024 art with dock

The Dell Pro WL5024 uses AI to intelligently squelch background noise and ensure clear voice calls

Both new headsets feature compatibility with Zoom and Microsoft Teams with their most appealing attribute being the fact that they both leverage AI to better filter out background noises to ensure human voices sound clearer. 

The new headsets both feature active noise cancellation with the higher-end wireless WL5024 using a more effective Hybrid ANC utilising feed-forward and feed-backward ANC setup along with smart sensors that mute calls when the headset is removed and turns it back on when you don the headset again. 

Dell Pro wired WH5024 A 3

The Dell Pro WH5024 is a wired variant with a flip-down boom mic, 40mm drivers and ANC too with a wired-only connection at a more modest price

Much like other premium work-related headsets, both also feature boom mics that let you answer calls when you flip the mic down and mute a call when you flip it up.

dell wired WH5024

On paper the Dell WL5024 is rated for up to 78 hours of use on a full charge with a 15 minute recharge offering up to 8 hours of use. In Malaysia, the Dell Pro WL5024 retails for RM1,452 while the Dell Pro WH5024 retails for RM640 with both available for purchase on