Dell Technologies Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies expands cybersecurity services portfolio with US DoD approved Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies has carved a solid reputation for itself over the years when it comes to offering cutting-edge computing solutions like their XPS series ultraportables as well as their storage and cloud solutions. Now, they’re expanding their presence in cybersecurity as they’ve established a secure data centre to validate Zero Trust use cases at the eponymous Zero Trust Centre of Excellence in the United States.

What is Dell Technologies’ role at the Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Based at DreamPort, Columbia, Maryland,  the Zero Trust Centre of Excellence acts as the U.S Cyber Command’s premier cybersecurity facility and founded in collaboration with CyberPoint International and the Maryland Innovation Security Institute (MISI). Dell’s secure data centre onsite acts as a proving ground for customers to test their environments and configurations on U.S Department of Defence-approved Zero Trust Reference Architecture before broad deployment in order to offer more rapid adoption and easier integration and orchestration for customers in their own environments.

We believe our critical collaboration with Dell Technologies at the DreamPort Centre of Excellence will drive rapid innovation and integration of Zero Trust solutions to help the U.S. government and commercial enterprises defend increasingly complex and ongoing cyber threats,” said Horace Jones, president, CyberPoint International. 

In addition to their DoD-spec data centre at the Zero Trust Centre of Excellence, Dell is announcing that their Dell Cybersecurity Advisory Services arm will be offering a new Vulnerability Management service with certified Dell experts who will regularly scan customer environments for vulnerabilities, assist in patching efforts and provide insight on potential exposures. This is on top of their ongoing array of cybersecurity services that can ensure long-term cyber resiliency and equip organisations with the right tools and insights to secure their data and IT environments from malicious actors.

Dell Technologies is also offering alternatives for their commercial PCs and other offerings for organisations looking to adhere to a Zero Trust-ready doctrine. Seeing as a large number of potential intrusions are via PC ports by some employee or whatnot plugging in a non-authorised peripheral or flash drive, Dell is now able to disable PC ports prior to shipment to prevent any tampering.

Another additional option for commercial PCs is a data loss prevention via software that prevents unauthorised downloads of sensitive data to external USB storage devices. Dell is also offering shipments with tamper-evident seals in selected markets – Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa – to ensure additional security from tampering during shipment. 

dell Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Another additional option is future integration of telemetry between Microsoft Intune as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Splunk consoles to detect potential tampering of the BIOS along with easier configuration of owned Dell PCs. For more details on Dell Technologies, check out their official page at