Here’s how Samsung Knox Vault keeps data safe and secure on the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

Samsung Knox Vault Galaxy A35 Galaxy A55 Malaysia

Launched several weeks back in Malaysia and across the globe, the midrange Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 aim to offer as much bang for the buck as possible, culling a host of features from the flagship Galaxy S24 series such as 120Hz AMOLED displays, stereo speakers, OIS-stabilised main rear cameras and more. This time…

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Kaspersky XDR platform launched in Malaysia to combat ransomware attacks

Kaspersky XDR platform cover

When it rains, it pours as Kaspersky revealed that there was a two-fold increase in ransomware attempts globally with threat actors refining their tactics culminating in increasingly threatening stances up to what is now dubbed as Ransomware 3.0 where sensitive data is leaked out unless a ransom is paid even as that same data is…

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Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 winners announced; Russia and Malaysia teams win big

Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 win

The Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 winners have been announced with students from the National Research Nuclear University MEPHhl, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in Russia as the winner of the gruelling competition followed by students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology in Malaysia and from Perm National Research PolyTechnic University in Russia. What…

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Cyberattacks on ICT supply chains on the rise; cyber resiliency initiatives needed says Kaspersky

kaspersky cyber resiliency

According to cybersecurity provider Kaspersky, cyberattacks on information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains are on the rise with the potential to cause massive damage to governments, companies and people at large.  One potentially successful attack doesn’t just end there as malicious actors can potentially use that one backdoor to penetrate other connected systems and…

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Dell Technologies expands cybersecurity services portfolio with US DoD approved Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies Zero Trust Centre of Excellence

Dell Technologies has carved a solid reputation for itself over the years when it comes to offering cutting-edge computing solutions like their XPS series ultraportables as well as their storage and cloud solutions. Now, they’re expanding their presence in cybersecurity as they’ve established a secure data centre to validate Zero Trust use cases at the…

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Palo Alto survey reveals that cybersecurity is top priority of business leaders in ASEAN

Palo Alto State of Cybersecurity in ASEAN cover

The recently concluded Palo Alto State of Cybersecurity in ASEAN study that surveyed business organisations in the Southeast Asia region yielded some interesting findings with 92% of businesses believing that cybersecurity should be one of the top priorities for business leaders. What is the Palo Alto State of Cybersecurity in ASEAN study The Palo Alto…

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Here’s how Samsung Knox in their smartphones protect you from 5 common cyberattack scenarios

Samsung Knox cybersecurity common scenarios (1)

To say that smartphones are extensions of ourselves in the digital age isn’t too far off as we use them to stay in touch, entertain ourselves and, in more recent times, perform banking tasks, purchase goods and more. Needless to say, this makes smartphones an insanely tempting target for hackers which is why protecting them…

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Kaspersky 7th Cybersecurity Weekend delves into the APAC banking trojan outbreak

Kaspersky APAC Banking trojan outbreak cover

The recently concluded Kaspersky 7th Cybersecurity Weekend that was conducted virtually online and saw a collection of global experts from the globally renowned cybersecurity provider as well as journalists and invited guests delving into the current state of the digital cybersecurity landscape in regards to electronic payments and, in particular, the APAC banking trojan outbreak.…

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Cybercriminals leveraging pandemic news to attack banks and financial services in SEA, says Kaspersky

kaspersky cybercriminals space

We may be in the middle of a pandemic but according to Kaspersky, cybersecurity professionals can’t seem to catch a break as the usual suspects are taking advantage of the situation to target banking and financial services in Southeast Asia. “It is becoming clear that these threat actors will keep on using topics related with…

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Top experts at Kaspersky Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hash out cyberdefence strategies for APAC

Top experts at Kaspersky Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hash out cyberdefence strategies for APAC 1

The recently concluded Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum II hosted by cybersecurity company Kaspersky saw a host of the region’s most prominent experts and policy makers across Asia meeting virtually to share thoughts, ideas and solutions based on the overarching topic of “Guardians of the Cyberspace: can justice always prevail?” Hosted and opened by the…

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