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Here’s how Samsung Knox Vault keeps data safe and secure on the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

Launched several weeks back in Malaysia and across the globe, the midrange Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 aim to offer as much bang for the buck as possible, culling a host of features from the flagship Galaxy S24 series such as 120Hz AMOLED displays, stereo speakers, OIS-stabilised main rear cameras and more.

This time around, both the Galaxy A35 and A55 both get a unique upgrade with the addition of Samsung Knox Vault that further augments the existing Samsung Knox security which is baked into the majority of Samsung phones and devices.

Samsung Knox Vault Galaxy A35 Galaxy A55 Malaysia rear

Samsung introduced their defence-grade Samsung Knox platform at Mobile World Congress in 2013 and since then has constantly enhanced its capabilities to remain one step ahead of malicious threat actors with the vast majority of Samsung’s phones, tablets and other devices featuring Samsung Knox protection. 

In the case of Knox Vault, Samsung first introduced this feature in the Galaxy S21 series phones and usually integrates this into their other flagship phones.

This is the first time that their midrange Galaxy A series phones, the Galaxy A35 and the Galaxy A55, enjoy this level of enhanced protection with Knox Vault. But what exactly is Samsung Knox Vault and how does it protect vital data on the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55? 

What is Samsung Knox Vault 

Now that we’re more reliant on our smartphones than ever for work and even daily tasks like banking and ordering dinner, it’s vital that critical data stored on phones like bank accounts, pattern unlocks, passwords and the like remain safe and secure from malware, cyber attacks and other external tampering which is where Samsung Knox and Knox Vault come into the picture. 

Samsung Knox Vault image

Boiled down, Samsung Knox is a hardware and software security solution integrated into Samsung devices including the new Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 from the factory that provide real-time protection from malware and other malicious cyber attacks. 

Samsung Knox Vault is the next step to ensure safe and secure devices. In effect, it’s an additional tamper-proof chip which combines a new secure processor and isolated secure memory that is independent of the main smartphone processor combined with integrated software to protect the most critical data like passwords, pattern unlocks, cryptographic keys and more.

Samsung Knox and Knox Vault security features work in the background to keep vital data on the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 safe and secure without the need for user intervention though several additional optional settings can be enabled for greater security like the Secure Folder and Auto Blocker.

Samsung Knox Vault

Image source: Samsung

By physically isolating Samsung Knox Vault from the workings of the rest of the phone as a separate chip that interacts with the main processor in controlled circumstances, it helps to further limit potential avenues of attack for malware and, while unlikely, sophisticated physical attacks on the chip itself to bypass security such as using laser light or electromagnetic fault injection. 

Samsung Knox Vault architecture

Samsung Knox Vault also features a series of security sensors that detect and prevent tampering including high and low temperature sensors, high and low voltage supply detectors, apply voltage glitch detectors and laser detectors to further limit potential attacks much like how mediaeval fortresses built a moat around them and limited points of entry for attackers with a drawbridge and high walls.

Samsung Knox Vault Galaxy A35 Galaxy A55 Malaysia front

This enhanced level of security on the affordable midrange Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 offers additional value and added peace of mind for consumers that their data is safe and secure. That’s not all either as Samsung also offers 5 years of security updates for both phones, further ensuring that they remain protected. You can check out our review of the Galaxy A35 here and the Galaxy A55 to find out more about Samsung’s latest midrange phones. You can also check the list of devices with Samsung Knox Vault in their official list here which, of course, includes the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55.

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