Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 win

Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 winners announced; Russia and Malaysia teams win big

The Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 winners have been announced with students from the National Research Nuclear University MEPHhl, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in Russia as the winner of the gruelling competition followed by students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology in Malaysia and from Perm National Research PolyTechnic University in Russia.

What are the Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 

For the uninitiated, the Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 aka the Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) is a challenging cybersecurity simulation organised by cybersecurity experts Kaspersky that shows a realistic scenario of what happens during a cyberattack and presents players with gaming and training experience on how to respond and act. 

For 2022, 77 teams representing 17 countries participated with 55 teams surviving to the final rounds. In the final online round, a fictional game environment pitted teams focused on technical attribution on who or what is initiating cyberattacks against the United Nations. During the Kaspersky KIPS Championship 2022 finals, team players collected evidence and made decisions with action cards to produce as accurate a technical analysis as possible of the cyberattack.

KIPS is our favorite instrument to be used for students’ vivid cybersecurity training. Within our competition it is a great opportunity for young people to test their knowledge in mitigating cyberattacks in practice, using real scenarios based on Kaspersky’s international industry-specific expertise. We are glad to see more and more young people engaging in our global activity and hope this will motivate them to develop further skills in cybersecurity and make additional efforts to develop professionally in an informed way”, says Evgeniya Russkikh, Academic Affairs Group Manager at Kaspersky Academy. For more about the Kaspersky Academy, visit their official page at https://academy.kaspersky.com/