Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 mak chin wah

Latest Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 study states more than 57% of companies fear being shut out of new digital future

Dell Technologies has just shared the findings of their latest Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 survey of Malaysian respondents at their recent Dell Technologies Forum 2022 in Kuala Lumpur. 

The survey examines people’s capacity for digital change and seeks sentiments on how organisations can successfully blend people and technology to achieve effective digital transformation outcomes. Interestingly enough, the global consensus is that while the pace of digital transformation has been accelerated, personnel challenges in terms of adapting and achieving work-life balance remain a challenge.

What is the Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 survey

The Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 survey, which was conducted last year in 2021 saw input from 10,500 senior business decision-makers from 40+ locations across the globe. In Southeast Asia, the survey saw over 2,900 respondents across 11 locations that included Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. For the Malaysia market, Dell Technologies obtained insight from 200 respondents across a variety of industries ranging from government to education, with interesting results that were in tune with sentiments from other regions.

In the wake of the pandemic and a forced impetus to overcome strained supply chains, global lockdowns and a renewed emphasis on remote working, companies have embraced digital transformation at a faster pace than ever before with mixed results. While the need is clear, the success and execution thereof for digital transformation in various organisations varies somewhat.

Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 mak chin wah

Mr Mak Chin Wah ,country manager, Malaysia and general manager, Telecom Systems Business, South Asia, Dell Technologies sharing key findings of the Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 survey at the recent Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 forum in Kuala Lumpur

According to the Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022, 64% of IT leaders in Malaysia believe that they grasp the requirements for digital transformation but the bottleneck is that employees are challenged to keep up the rapid pace and are approaching burnout. According to the Malaysia-centric aspect of the study, 50% of employees in surveyed organisations in Malaysia are potentially facing burnout, 60% are encountering work-life-balance challenges and 54% are wanting more flexible work arrangements.

While digital transformation is the key focus of organisations to date with an added emphasis in budgets and personnel allocation, the survey shows that 68% of Malaysian respondents believe that people’s resistance to change to digital transformation may lead to possible failure. This mirrors the global consensus with 72% of APJ and 64% of global. More than half at 57% of surveyed Malaysian respondents fear that they will be shut out of future opportunities due to a lack of personnel with the right skill sets to capitalise and maximise digital transformation initiatives.

Another aspect of the Dell Technologies Breakthrough 2022 saw respondents being surveyed on their appetite for digital change. Only 8% of the Malaysian workforce,  in contrast to 10% globally and 7% in APJ were pursuing modernisation projects while 40% of Malaysian respondents were reluctant to embrace change. 

Most organisations around the world – including Malaysia – realise the need to digitally transform, but they find digital transformation hard, and their people don’t always embrace change. This human-technology friction is only compounded by the pandemic and what we end up with is businesses that are more digitally resilient, but many of their people are exhausted,” said Mak Chin Wah, country manager, Malaysia and general manager, Telecom Systems Business, South Asia, Dell Technologies. “Today, businesses aspiring for sustainable success need to be asking themselves how they can thoughtfully and purposefully help their people navigate further change.”

To achieve a breakthrough, Dell Technologies has advocated a tripartite approach to support and equip personnel to innovate and achieve digital transformation by emphasising connectivity, productivity and empathy throughout the organisation. In terms of connectivity, Dell Technologies advocates organisations to provide employees with secure and seamless work experiences to allow for collaboration and location equality be it working in the office or home.

In terms of productivity, Dell is advising for a greater and more productive workplace by automating and outsourcing repetitive tasks to machines. Last but not least, Dell Technologies advises to apply empathy to all aspects of an organisation that put the end-user experience first to win over hearts and minds with stakeholders.

This need is timely, especially for Malaysians as 60% of respondents surveyed are not experiencing a better life-work balance while 85% of surveyed respondents in Malaysia see that a shift to a distributed work model would make for a more inclusive environment. 

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