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EcoFlow River and Delta power stations launched in Malaysia from RM1,399

In the unlikely event that there’s a brownout or an extended power cut, most of our electronics including necessities like our fridge are in huge trouble especially if the incident is a prolonged one though the new EcoFlow River and Delta power stations aim to address that hazard in an effective fashion.

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What are the EcoFlow River series power stations?

In terms of capabilities, the EcoFlow River series of power stations are compact affairs that offer 1kWh of power on average, use LiFeP04 batteries that are rated for over 3,000 charging cycles which works out to about 1 charge a day for a decade. These power stations

are intended as back-up solutions to charge essential small devices like phones and whatnot be it at home or on the go. On paper, the River series can, on average, be charged to 80% in 48 minutes which comes in handy in an emergency.

Ecoflow River price

The smallest version, the EcoFlow River 2 offers 80,000mAh of power for RM1,399. The slightly larger River 2 Max offers 160,000mAh of power on tap for RM2,399 while the River 2 Pro has a generous 240,000mAh of power for RM2,999.

What are the EcoFlow Delta series power stations?

For more demanding needs like powering home appliances like refrigerators and other gear, the EcoFlow Delta series power stations are ideal choices with the base Delta 2 model offering a whopping 320,000mAh of juice for RM4,999.

The larger Delta Max model has 560,000mAh for RM8,999 while the top of the line EcoFlow Delta Pro costing RM16,999 but offering an absurd 1,125,000mAh of power while featuring wheels too to make it easier to trundle about. In general, the EcoFlow Delta series designs can be recharged to 80% in about 50 minutes and have a rated 3,000 recharge cycles over its lifetime.

Ecoflow Delta price

To offer recharging capabilities away from the grid, EcoFlow is also offering their Solar series solar panels in various capacities with the base 110W model costing RM1,199 and the top of the line version with 400W capacity for RM3,999.

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The entirety of the new EcoFlow River, Delta and Solar series panels are available in Malaysia and can be acquired on their official stores on Lazada and Shopee.