Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition entrance

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition at Computex 2024 Shows How Aorus Laptops And PCs Can Help Usher An AI-Driven Creative Future For All

At the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition that is being held amidst the Computex 2024 trade show in Taipei, the brand is showcasing their latest range of AI-empowered laptops including their Aorus series laptops, Gigabyte series AI PCs, monitors, graphic cards and more empowered with their own AI Nexus tech and more with a unique artistic twist that is equal parts technology showcase and art installation.

Held at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park W1 building, the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition is split into three broad thematic areas or pavilions that highlight areas where AI have had the most impact and how AI-empowered tech from Gigabyte made it happen – AI Art, VS AI Street Battle and AI Life Applications.

In each of the three showcase pavilions, Gigabyte demonstrated how their laptops and PCs are ideal for AI-powered applications across a host of roles, especially in the arts and other creative fields. 

Here’s what we discovered when we dropped by for a visit at the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition and its three thematic AI pavilions at Computex 2024…

Gigabyte AI New Era – AI Art Showcase

For their AI Art showcase at the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition, the brand invited a dream team of generative AI artists with the likes of Taiwanese legend Escher Tsai, Hong Kong’s celebrated Keith Lam, Ygor Marotta and new media artist Tim Wei to display their creative journey and vision at the exhibition in a series of art installations that combine the power of Gigabyte’s new AI-empowered laptops and Gigabyte AI PCs with their artistic vision. 

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition ygor marotta

Ygor Marotta’s artistic showcase at the Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition uses a single Aorus 16X ASG laptop to generate two separate generative visual AI feeds that constantly melt and transform before your very eyes as it keeps reimagining the input, creating a trippy, mesmerising effect.


Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition gigabyte AI PC

This brilliant Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition is both an art installation and a technical showcase. Using the beefy strength of a Gigabyte AI PC with an AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 gaming OC 24G graphics card, this art piece is able to accept input from the keyboard to creatively generate an object on display with prior examples scattered around on the virtual screen like a child’s toybox. Fun and entertaining!


Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition life and artificial evolution

This interesting showcase at the Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition dubbed Ecological Pool by Dimension+ relies on two linked Aorus AI PCs that create a constant feedback loop that mimics life and evolution. Circle of life indeed!

Across the AI Art pavilion, visitors explore each of the tech/art installations at will and each one is an impressive demonstration of how Aorus laptops and Gigabyte AI PCs were able to supercharge creativity to new heights.

Gigabyte AI New Era – VS AI Street Battle

One of the more unique applications of late for AI is in regard to the creative process where content creators can leverage text-to-image AI applications so that those with creativity and imagination can create works of art. At the showcase, Gigabyte demonstrated how their Gigabyte AI PCs were able to carry out real time text-to-image generation with a rather unique twist that culls from the arcade fighting games of yesteryear.

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition VS AI Street Fighter battle consoles

Gigabyte’s VS AI Street Battle pavilion reimagines text-to-image AI applications in a new light and integrates into the concept of a classic arcade fighting game, resulting in a truly unique concept art piece that plays out on the latest Gigabyte AI PCs where it isn’t so much skill and reflexes as it is creativity in imagining sufficiently powerful fighters for the VS AI Street Battle to carry the day.

Contenders generate and create imaginative prompts to duel each other in a virtual fashion. This portion of the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition is easily the part where visitors will likely spend the most time in and the results of duels are certainly unusual indeed.

Our short time there saw images and themes based on ‘Happiness vs misfortune’ as well as quirkier ones like ‘Steel vs Cotton’ were generated and ideated on until a winner emerged as judged by an AI judge.

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition VS AI Street Fighter battle demonstration

Gigabyte AI New Era – AI Life Applications

Last but not least, the AI Life Applications pavilion at the Gigabyte AI New Era exhibition showcases how Gigabyte’s AI PCs that are powered by the latest GeForce RTX graphics can help enhance life for the better beyond the usual creative applications in music, writing, content creation and more. 

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition aorus gaming laptop

At the AI Life Applications showcase, Emmy-nominated VR filmmaker Hugh Hou acted as a  curator to share how AI enhances his work and how it optimises his workflow especially for his famous immersive VR videos.

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition AI life applications VR

His diverse body of VR filmmaking work enable visitors to experience vivid scenarios that range from visiting historical landmarks to even being in the front row of a concert which is an impressive sight indeed.

You can check out Hugh’s diverse body of work on his YouTube channel at Hugh Hou – YouTube and visit the exhibition to catch an immersive snippet of his work.

The AI Life Applications pavilion also exhibited a range of the latest AI applications that leverage the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics cards especially in regard to upscaling video to 8K resolution with Topaz Video AI Upscaling and real time editing of VR content in Adobe Premiere Pro too, making them ideal not only for content creators but for the new wunderkind of the AI era – an AI prompt generator expert.

Gigabyte AI New Era Exhibition AI life workflow

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