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Horizon Forbidden West preorders starts tomorrow for PS4 and PS5

The sequel to one of the most influential games on the Playstation console will soon be available for preorders starting tomorrow. Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will be available for preorder on the PS4 and PS5 starting tomorrow 14th December 2021 with both digital and disc versions as well as collectible limited edition variants.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on 18th February 2022 and preorder customers for any Bluray edition of Forbidden West will get a free Nora Legacy outfit and Spear DLC for use in the game that can be redeemed via the PlayStation store online to augment Aloy’s arsenal in the game. 

Horizon Forbidden West preorders combat ps5

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Horizon Forbidden West preorder price and contents

Preorder customers can also stand a chance to get one of two preorder incentives that include a Horizon Forbidden West baseball cap or a Tremortusk 3D Puzzle which depicts the massive robotic mammoth in the game trailers.

Horizon Forbidden West preorders regalla

Horizon Forbidden West preorder – Regalla Edition

Prices vary depending on which edition of the game you purchase but at the top of the totem pole is the Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition that comes with the Nora Legacy outfit and spear as DLC, the digital version of the game for the PS4 and PS5, a Steelbook display case, a custom made statue of a Tremortusk and Aloy, a replica Focus as used by Aloy in the game complete with a custom stand, a miniature art book, two special outfits and weapons, additional gear, an exclusive photo mode, a digital OST and a digital version of the first Horizon Zero Dawn graphic novel the Sunhawk.

Horizon Forbidden West preorders digital edition

Horizon Forbidden West Preorder – Special Edition

On the other end of the scale, you can get the digital or physical edition for just RM299 for the PS4 or RM249 for the PS4 that bundles in the  Nora Legacy outfit and spear as DLC as preorder specials along with the game itself. 

For something in the middle, you can get the Special edition versions that have the aforementioned Nora Legacy outfit and spear as well as a Steelbook display case, mini artbook and digital soundtrack for RM339 for the PS5 version and RM299 for the PS4 version.

Where to get the Horizon Forbidden West preorder

For the uninitiated, you play as one Aloy, a tribal warrior in a post-apocalyptic world that’s lush with greenery and animal-shaped robots wandering the landscape. In the original game, she fends off a potential apocalypse but things aren’t so cut and dried and she has to journey to the distant west of the land to put a stop to it for good.

Horizon Forbidden West preorders ps5

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The original game had stunning visuals, a great soundtrack, an amazing storyline and a very likeable character. The sequel looks like it’s set to follow its footsteps to greatness. To preorder Horizon Forbidden West, check out Sony’s official site at https://www.playstation.com/en-my/games/horizon-forbidden-west/